August 26, 2006

Vintage Sesame Street III: The Ladybug Picnic

I love this song.


B said...

First: I can't believe there are no other comments.
Second: This is my second or third most favorite all time song from Sesame Street. The other two are:

*the song that goes 123456719,10,11,12 e-e-e-e-elve!
*also the manah-manah song (beepbeedeebeedeep...beepbeedeepbee)

Actually, pretty much any vintage sesame song is my favorite. I stop what I am doing and WATCH them. No, I positively SAVOR them.

Twirling Girl said...

I LOVE the ladybug picnic!! I missed them so...I am so glad you found them!

Twirling Girl said...

Please find Oscar the Grouch singing "I Love Trash"