August 11, 2006

Thoughts on Home Ownership

I’ve been living out of boxes and bags now for several weeks, and while maddening, it is also somewhat liberating.

... Cellular phone bill? Not sure where that is, guess I don’t have to pay it.

... The shoes that look best with this skirt? Somewhere on a palette in northern Connecticut.

... Deodorant? Lost in limbo.

Huge breath, deep sigh. Life as a transient. I love it. This must be how homeless people feel ... why anyone chooses to have a home is beyond me.

One of my greatest fears is that I will somehow accidentally burn down my house. I’ve had this fear since the first time I lived on my own. I’m so OCD about it that, on my drive home, my eyes are involuntarily drawn to the hillside where I (roughly) know my home to be, looking for an upward-climbing tendril of smoke. Of course, this very real fear has nearly been actualized the few times I’ve accidentally left candles burning or food cooking on the stovetop when I stepped out of the house. Home ownership and forgetfulness are not good bedmates.

I’ll be moving into my very own real home in a few weeks. Renting has gotten really old in the last 6 years; always a guest in someone else’s home, so to speak. Of course, the flip side is that nothing was really my problem, either. I can live with occasional lack of hot water when I don’t have to foot the bill for fixing the water heater. In just three short weeks, I’m handing over a big ol' check for the luxury of making it all my problem.


B.E. Earl said...

Bestest of luck with the new digs!

Try not to burn it down.

jiggs said...

congrats! you're a homeowner and a damn fine gal to boot

Kat said...

on burning down your home:
my family and I used to have an on going joke that the cat would catch on fire after she tried to dig crumbs out of the toaster, electricuting her and thusly setting her paw ablaze. She'd then run wildly, flaming igniting everything in her path. It hasn't happened...yet...

Bill said...

It's comforting to know I'm not the only person who is convinced he/she is going to torch their own home. I've been on the bus, halfway to the office, and suddenly sat up and shouted, "Oh my God!"

But I haven't burned it down yet.

jamwall said...

welcome to the homeowners club!

mines a condo though.

friday night was a test, however, of that burning down the building fear. some moron tripped the fire alarm at 3AM. the local police and fire get dispatched everytime this happens, plus its a flippin LOUD alarm.

good to see that everything works correctly over here.

Madge said...

Congrats - I'm happy for you!

Dave Morris said...

Grass is always greener - I'm sitting here wishing I had someone I could stick with my plumbing bill - and thinking about selling this place and renting for a while.

Freiya said...

Oooh, i really hope it all goes fabulously for you, i'm sure it will :)