August 19, 2006


I often hide money in my coat pockets to find when I wear them again in the fall. Today I was packing my coats for my move and raided all my coats and found $15.

Each time, I said (aloud), "score!"

I might be a loser.

My apologies; some of you know this story already; it's the best I can do at this moment. Love me anyway.


Osbasso said...

Don't worry. We still love you. And not just in that pathetic sort of way. But in that "what-a-great-person" way, too!

Welcome back, and good luck with the move!

miss kendra said...


i'm going to check all your pockets.

DaMasta said...

Hahahahhahaa..yeah I've heard that one already.

Whenever you post a new post, I also say, "Score!"

Tits McGee said...

You're back! Score!

Brookelina said...

I found ten dollars in my "teacher sweater" pocket that I left at school all summer. I did a happy dance.

MadMeer said...

Forgotten money in pockets is the only reason I do laundry. Well, that and I can't walk around naked all the time.

jamwall said...

i'm always trying to hide cans of cheez whiz in my pants to find when i wear them again in the fall.

regrettably, i keep finding the cheez whiz within 30 seconds.