July 21, 2011

Living with Jamwall is like this:

[excerpt from a conversation after watching The Kids are All Right, July 2011]

SG: Am I the bulldyke in our relationship?

J: Ummm ... what would that make me?

SG:  You're the gay man.

J:  umm ... ::crickets::

SG:  I'm kidding!  I'm just kidding, honey.  Sometimes you act faggy.

J: ::crickets::  (makes a face)

SG:  Fags would be offended that you are offended by that.


Disclaimer: I would like to alert my gay followers that I love everything about you and only use the word "fag" for comic relief here.  I hope that I do not offend.  Having dry-humped a few female cousins and fantasized about a friend's boobs, I consider within my bicurious right to reclaim these formerly offensive terms for ourselves!


Osbasso said...

Good golly, you never fail to entertain, even if it's only once or twice a year anymore... ;-)

Hope all is well!

Rrramone said...

Let's hear it for gay straight guys! :-)

Lisa said...

Your blog makes me laugh. Effing witty as all heck. More please...