February 10, 2011

Fun like this is reason #552 why I Love my Job:

Physics-related Email from Student:
Hello Ms. SG!  This is probably going to sound very odd but as I was doing my homework I had a really odd question.  For the sake of the question let's just say people are able to move things with their minds.  Because you could move things with a force (brain) and a distance (meters and whatnot), would that technically be work if the object was moving in a plausible situation?  If so, how would you measure said force?

Again I realize that this has nothing to do with the quiz tomorrow, but I was studying and I couldn't get that question out of my head.  If you could reply back it would be highly appreciated.  Thank you so much! ~Crissy

My reply:
Hi Crissy, great question!  I know the answer, and I am going to send it to your pencil with my mind.  Please lay a pencil on a sheet of paper in front of you.  I will send the answer to your pencil and the pencil will write my reply onto the paper.  Watch for it ... it'll go slowly, so you might not have the full reply until 2-3 AM.  Make sure you watch the pencil the entire time because if you leave the room or even take your eyes off of it, the pencil will erase what it has written and start over.  :) Ms SG


Osbasso said...

Reason #553 why I Love this email--let's me know you're alive! :-)

Madge said...

Oh, I love you and Chrissy.

Latharia said...

Okay ... THAT is priceless.

Don't think! said...

Hahaha! Brilliant! Crazy physics teacher!

Bobby said...

i would so get in trouble for doing something like that. Hilarious tho.