May 28, 2009

Et tu, The Bachelorette ?!?!?

I knew my eyes weren't fooling me [though I did have to rewind & pause to be sure...] when Jillian led her suitors on a staged scavenger hunt/chase through LA ... one of the clues was this note, left ever-so-tantalizingly in a tuxedo pocket. YOUR?!?!?!? Come on! I would have thought that a high-IQ show like this 67th show in The Bachelor series would have mastered the Queen's English by now. Guess not.


mr_g said...

And with the best and brightest contestants on reality TV today, it's even more shocking.

t2ed said...

In high school, we had a woman who dated 20 men at one time. We did not, in fact, call her a bachelorette.

But she had much better diction.

Yes, I just made a grammar pun/ dick joke. Mea culpa.

amera hearts said...

i was read the note before the post and laughed at that! and i loved how you pointed it out!