July 16, 2008

Kids bored in the summer? Here's something fun you can do with them.

2 parts cornstarch
+1 part cold water
Oobleck (a very fun substance)

Here's what happens when you add a subwoofer:


jamwall said...

If you were nude and rolling around the oobleck, I'd be so into that.

mr_g said...

that was cool. Now I know how life started - though I imagine with a lot more cornstarch!

FRITZ said...

That was absolutely disgusting. Worms. Copulating.

Vomit. I pray I am infertile and never have to live through the miserable moments when Child says, "Look at how cool this is, mom!"

But, still, you put it on your blog, so it must be good! Love!

Tits McGee said...

Oobleck! Yay!

jiggs said...

ooblick! My friends in college used to get high and play with it!