August 12, 2015

Market Moments

The way the fermenting melons in the entryway filled that slick dark space with their fecund ambrosia.

and then

The way the tiny woman's cowlick and dark blond shine so perfectly matched that of the little boy in her carriage.

and then

The impenetrable El Capitán of cloud and electricity that loomed over the obliviously sunlit asphalt.

It was a good day, after all.


jamwall said...

Another day in animatronics hell?

mr_g said...

It's not often I see the word "fecund" on a blog, in verse or referring to melons. I like it!

Osbasso said...

Holy hell! You snuck back on and I didn't even know!

Jenna Catlin said...

I appreciate the language used. Its so not conventional.
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Panharith said...

You snuck back on and I didn't even know!

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