May 14, 2008

Why are you always so dirty?

Why do gas stations always have pervy hypersexed names like In & Out and Kum & Go? Tell me, tell me why.


jamwall said...

Perverted thoughts? Never!

jamwall said...

I only take the high-road.

jamwall said...

In my pants..

Freewheel said...

Hmmm... the gas stations I go to have names like "Hess" and "Exxon." Are you sure you weren't at an x-rated drive-in?

Think Frustrated said...

Because when you buy gas, that's what they're doing to your ass (sans-lube).

Lauren said...


changapeluda said...

too too
symbolic with the
inserting of the
and the PUMPING

Kum & Go!

i took a picture of a
Kum & Go just to prove they exist.