April 02, 2008

The Life List, Spinnerina Style.

I was reading body + soul magazine and there was a piece about setting goals; reaching your goals may be as simple as writing them down. So, sitting in my teacher workshop, I did:

I have some other goals related to career and family and getting naked with Jamwall every day for the rest of my life, but this was just a list of personal, unusual-ish goals that I would like to accomplish. The list of things-to-do-before-I-die that I sometimes think about, but don't really tackle or give much effort towards. Things I always say I "want to do someday."

There's a site online to help you make a serious life list, if you want to go that route. It's here. You can also post your list at 43things.com, your1oothings.com, or 2dobeforeIdie.com if you want to go public. There's even a worksheet that you can print out if you want some structure (I like just a stream-of-consciousness list, myself).

I have a feeling my list will change over time, but I'm going to post it somewhere visible and work towards achieving these things. It all seems so do-able now that it's written down.


Yellow said...

I loved this list, especially reading it from your handwritten note, not on typed screen. It made it more 'real' for me. Yup, some are relatively easy goals, some you can start right now I bet. Some are dreams to aim for. Good for you, great idea.

jamwall said...


Its me! Disrobo! Here to save the world!

Alex L said...

Falconry... really!

miss kendra said...

learning to knit you can do! find a local yarn shop and see if they offer help or classes. also a knitting group like stitch and bitch would be helpful.

the falconry thing is awesome.

Madge said...

I was reading that body + soul issue, too! I stole it from work and rubbed the Danny Seo spread all over me - for me, one of my to-do list priorities is to make everyone a clipboard or journal of recycled materials.

Congrats for surviving NaBloPoMo. I am inspired by you, and so is Jane.

Freewheel said...

You have excellent penmanship. Have you considered doing all your posts on notepads?

amera hearts said...

i have a list like this as well. you and i have some of the same things on our lists!

"a goal without a plan is only a dream."


jiggs said...

you go girl. and fyi, you don't need to change your body because you're a hot piece!

Spinning Girl said...

Oh, I wasn't going to change my body -- I was just going to oil up & slide into a smaller jean.
Also, stronger back & ab muscles will support me as I age. I am NOT going to be one of those bent-over grannies!!!