March 31, 2008

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun ...

... NaBloPoMo is ovuh!!! (that rhymes)

Why it was great:

  • Now I can say that I posted every day for a month on this blog and on TBDOA.

  • If anyone is listening.

  • It does force you to come up with something, which creativity needs sometimes.

  • Some of my best writing happened under time constraints.

  • I am not referring to any of my NaBloPoMo posts.

  • Although I was pretty happy with my list of fears. I felt like that was the truth.

Why it sucked hairy donkey balls:

  • Much of what I produced was crap.

  • I picked the worst month ever. Did I mention I had 2 yearbook deadlines, a major school field day, statewide standardized testing, a 4-day trip to NYC with my secret lover, and double choir rehearsals during this month?

  • What was I thinking?

  • I didn't get to read as many blogs during this month, because I felt the pressure to post something.

Why I recommend it:

  • So that you can say you did something, finally, for chrissake.

  • So you can drag your writing out of the rut.

  • So you can unblock.

  • It's April, and the theme is letters.


Lee Ann said...

I get it!
Posting everyday does take a lot of energy. As of late, apparently, I have not had that much energy.
Congrats on a month straight of posting.
Have a great week.

jamwall said...


Now you can be my full time basement slave!

Osbasso said...

Silly girl! February only had 29 days this year!