March 20, 2008

Oh, FUN! I'm a love magnet!

I should ask Jammie how correct he thinks this is,
since he is the pit to my peach, so to speak.


jamwall said...

You're dating Jammie the Gentle Clown???

That dude is a little edgy. He's funny though.

Butchie said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous prize pack! I am going to frame and hang my certificate until my wife takes it down when she gets home. My daughter hijacked the bath set. She used all the foam in one bath. I think I will use the fizz things tonight. Thanks again. Next time you have a contest I will make sure to step up the game.

FRITZ said...

I loved that youniverse thing.

Until I found out that I was 'Wistful Soul' and would never be happy with love or my loved one or nuthin'.

But honestly? It didn't have a section for people who were lazy and loved junk food and internet shopping.