February 26, 2008

Everybody's doing it

Tits and Jiggs both posted search words recently, and since I am a whore for Sitemeter, I decided to follow suit. I've even linked to some of the posts these pervs ended up at, in case you are curious. Damn, people are sick!!!!!! Of course, I was looking for "teddy bear eggs" the other day, so what am I?!?

Spinning Girl Search Terms
unconscious fetish
tickle torture (6 of these)
girl riding small animals
i have the greatest tits in the world
red cock
drawings of penis as snake
girl i'm onto you
female celebs driving barefoot
carmina burana orgasm
granny girl
senor don gato (about 5 of these)
nude poloroids
"the d enigma"
how big do girls want a cock

TDBOA Search Terms
tbdoa (there is hope!)
teddy bear launcher
boil your bunny


Kat said...

I loved that post about your gran.

jamwall said...

You forgot the search term "bouncing to Hail to the Chief."

Scarlet Hip said...

Girl I'm into you. Cause you have the greatest tits in the world.

Tits McGee said...

You do! You do have the greatest tits in the world!

jiggs said...

brookie, tits and I all agree.