January 12, 2008

TBDOA-Like phenomena in the NYC metropolitan area.

Mr. Spankyspanks and I decided to document some of the TBDOA*-like phenomena in and around New York. Here are some of the things that changed our view of the world, forever:

In a shop window at Grand Central Station.

Also in the same shop window.

I don't remember where these clowns were.
Jamwall says they were at Macy's.
Whatever, now they reside permanently in my dreams.
The bad dreams that come in the dark of night,
and nibble on my soul.

OK, this is bad, but ...

this is in my house.

But I can explain! I bought it at Goodwill, as a joke.

But now, she is on my mantlepiece.

I'm so sorry, everyone.

What is TBDOA?
Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals.

My obsession and personal documentary.

I don’t understand Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals. It’s creepy and perverted. Isn’t it enough to be a stuffed bear, for chrissake?!?? Does it have to be a bear and a frog at the same time? I’d like to have witnessed the unfortunate copulation that resulted in such a freakish toy.


jamwall said...

The open-mouthed doll, Esmerelda Freakface, is much more effective on the mantelpiece observing you torturing my nipples with spliced hot electrical wires pulled from one of the table lamps.

jamwall said...

Those clowns were at Macy's but now they live in my head.

Pope Terry said...

What the hell is that last thing... its freaking me out whatever it is.

jiggs said...

that english country woman looks like what happens when a blow up doll gets old.