September 30, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings 243

Crook ::
Career ::
Freckles ::
Scramble ::
Mistake ::
Telephone ::
Thank you ::
Obstruction ::
24/7 ::
SciFi ::


Spinning Girl said...

Crook :: in the nook (huh?)
Career :: criminal
Freckles :: the clown
Scramble :: s the clown
Mistake :: s were made
Telephone :: one ringy dingy
Thank you :: sir, may I have another?
Obstruction :: of justice
24/7 :: not in a row!
SciFi :: Channel

jamwall said...

Crook :: "I'm not a..."
Career :: Opportunities
Freckles :: Malone (I don't know)
Scramble :: to the door
Mistake :: 's happen
Telephone :: booth
Thank you :: very much
Obstruction :: site
24/7 :: convenience store
SciFi :: books

jamwall said...

Ok, I suddenly was rendered slightly stupid by Spinnerina's brilliance.

I read "obstruction" as "Construction."

Hence the following use of the word: "site"

Lets do this over again...

Obstruction:: in my pants

Kat said...

Crook ::ed
Career ::job
Freckles ::face
Scramble ::eggs
Mistake ::happen
Telephone ::number
Thank you ::your welcome
Obstruction ::object
24/7 ::always
SciFi ::green goo

Ian said...


This is truly one of the biggest wastes of time I have ever seen.

shirlsd said...

Crook :: ed
Career :: move
Freckles :: face
Scramble :: d eggs
Mistake :: n identity
Telephone :: tree
Thank you :: very much
Obstruction :: of justice
24/7 :: /365
SciFi :: ted chiang

B.E. Earl said...

Crook :: hook
Career :: opportunities
Freckles :: tits (?)
Scramble :: puzzle
Mistake :: many
Telephone :: tag
Thank you :: now fuck off!
Obstruction :: construction
24/7 :: 7/11
SciFi :: Ender's Game

Stickler said...
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Ian said...


Steve Patterson said...

Well hello here, sweet girl. I believe there still may be hope for you.

An immediate change is necessary.

The woman you were bumbled.

The woman you were will bumble again.

You need to change the woman.

Twirling Girl said...

Crook :: Hook
Career :: Track
Freckles :: the Clown!
Scramble :: Egg
Mistake :: Bad
Telephone :: Ring
Thank you :: Muchly
Obstruction :: of Justice
24/7 :: Open
SciFi :: Channel

Raymond said...

I sleept on hay last nite. Praze be the name of Mr. Pride. For I can now see the rain for what it is, nuthin but a puritize for the stems! I is closer to the earth now. It is a grate morning to be alive!

miss kendra said...

Crook :: or by hook
Career :: woman
Freckles :: stars
Scramble :: eggs
Mistake :: favorite
Telephone :: no
Thank you :: again
obstruction: bowel (????)
24/7 :: 7-11
SciFi :: people

ajooja said...

Crook :: Nixon
Career :: mistake
Freckles :: Lindsay
Scramble :: eggs
Mistake :: Lori
Telephone :: number
Thank you :: you're welcome
Obstruction :: of justice
24/7 :: casino
SciFi :: geek porn

Akbar Muhad said...

Hello there my dear. Are there any beautiful photos of you on your blog?

Raymond said...

Bumblers be tryin to attack me and my patato salad!

I kill the bumblers wit a roled up nosepaper!

Kat said...

wow. this thread is creeeepy.