September 28, 2007

Spinning Girl Deep Cuts: Stupid x3

Originally posted 7/20/05

Top 3 Stupidest Things I Have Done:
A Sharing Session

1979: My sister & I decided to ride bikes side by side, with me holding her handlebars and her holding mine. The ride lasted 0.13 seconds and we traveled approximately 9.75 inches before falling over. She jumped off, I fell -- on her bike -- and the axle poked a 1” deep hole in my thigh.
High point: The exhilaration of considering a future circus career.
Low point: The realization that this dream, too, must die.

1988: Traveling halfway across Long Island Sound in a 12’ rowboat. We took 3 outboard motors that my boyfriend had rebuilt & wanted to try out. No life vests. Only other boats out there were the ferry and a huge barge.
High Point: Swimming off the middlegrounds lighthouse.
Low point: What I did for Love.

2000: Jumping off a cliff near the
Via dell’ Amore in Manarola, Italy and breaking my tailbone. A 35’ jump and I didn’t clench properly. Water shot up my butt and snapped my tailbone. It hurt for a year.
High point: The view on the way down was gorgeous.
Low point: The instant I hit the water and made that elephant-seal-like groan that you only make when you majorly hurt your ass (you’ve made it too, when you fell off your bike seat onto the bar) .


jamwall said...

1980: pressing my bare hand on a storm door glass window as my brother pushed the door towards me.

Bad idea!

jiggs said...

When you say you're busting your butt, you mean it!