August 25, 2007

SG Deep Cuts: Mary Had a Little Lamb Pudding

Original post date: 8/10/05

I’ve been on this Greek Yogurt kick for a while now, ever since my lovely friend A. (A for Anyhoo) introduced it to me.

It is so delicious; it’s plain cow’s milk yogurt, and deliciously creamy. I add 2 Splendas, whip it into a froth, and eat it plain … or with blueberries if I’m feeling courageous.

While not everyone agrees on the deliciousness of it (my friend Leigh Yung Li thinks it tastes like Sour Cream Made in Hell by Satan’s Imps), we must all agree that, for plain yogurt, it’s quite exceptional.

Mistake was made yesterday.

Spinning Girl went to market and accidentally picked up:

Notice the labeling; not your ordinary bovine product. Nay (or should I say neigh?), this was an entirely different yogurt altogether.

You know how you go to the
Big E* and walk past the pens of sheep & goats, and you get that not-so-subtle whiff of lanolin and poopebble-laced hay?

That is what this yogurt tasted like.

Maybe I’m just not used to sheep’s milk, or goat’s milk. I do like feta and goat cheeses. However, I’ve never felt like I sucked them
straight from the teats of the animal like I did with this product.

It also had these random lumps in it, sort of like watered-down tapioca. Mmmmm.

Now, maybe I just got a bad batch. I did buy several of them, and now they are all flocked in my fridge, waiting for me.

Bleating to be let out.

I have an idea that I’ll be releasing these little lambs
back to nature, though. Yes sir, yes sir ... three bags full.

* Giant agri expo

Spinning Girl apologizes to
Fage USA, Inc. for this unsolicited testimonial. Your other yogurts are the best thing I’ve ever eaten (almost)! I would be happy to appear in one of your commercials. I love you Fage! Especially that big, strong boy who cleans the culture tank, Nicola. Now that's creamylicious.


Osbasso said...

MMMmmmm.... Creamy goodness with lumps!

Übermilf said...

I understand and sympathize.

Have some real, full-fat ice cream to feel better.

Scarlet Hip said...

This post made me a little nauseous. Luckily Viggo is on tv to ease my discomfort. I have no doubt you're watching.

Pope Terry said...

I hope you know release why goats are affiliated with satan. There product is pure yoghurty evil.

jamwall said...

I got yer creamy goodness in my pants!!

Sorry....sorry I was bad.

jiggs said...

lumpy goat juice is so tasty!