August 07, 2007

Please help me end this debate.

How do YOU pronounce "myriad" ?
MEE-ree-ad ("a" as in "cat")
MEE-ree-id ("i" as in "dig")
MEE-rid ("i" as in "dig")
Ma-REE-uh (as in "how do you solve a problem like?")
MEE-ruhd (as in "mirrored")
Other (please specify)
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jamwall said...

Depends on the region in which its being pronounced. Here in the midwest, its "yaaa...I caught a my-rid of walleye dontcha know!"

East coast, its: "Yo...There's a MEE-ree-id of commuter trains going up and down the coast..fahgettta bout it!"

West coast: "Dude! I totally was ridin' a my-reeee-ad of waves!"

Spinning Girl said...

You are a study in dialect mimicry!

jamwall said...

I try very hard.

Sysm said...

Myr is like the first part of mirror

i like the letter e

ad like "odd"

And the rest of the sentence invariably ends with "before I had a spork."

Think Frustrated said...

My vote was for the 2nd pronunciation, which, regional dialects aside, is the correct pronunciation. Actually, Sysm has it. mir-ee-uh-d.

Also, when you use the word, it's, "There are myriad ways I can pleasure your grandmother," not, "There are a myriad of ways I can pleasure your grandmother." Unless, of course, you say, "Myriads of ways." Only then can you use the "of." Etymologically, it comes from the ancient greek "myriad" which means "ten thousand."

Damn all that time studying English in college, getting a degree, then not using it, save for in comments on people's blogs, which makes me look pretentious and know-it-all-y.


B.E. Earl said...

I think I agree with sysm.

Something like Meer-ee-id

miss kendra said...


DaMasta said...

MY-rid. is that wrong? still love me?

Anonymous said...

I always thought the "R" was part of the first syllable: Meer-e-ad

Meer like beer
long e
ad as in mad

Marisa said...

i go with a combination of a) and b) ... comes out something like ME-ree-ud