July 20, 2007

I found my grad school notebook, part 6 (and last).

This riveting series now draws to a close, with the last two pages of my "Things I Love" list.

I hope you have taken something away from this series, a lesson that you can use to improve your own life. I know that telling the tale has changed me in some profound way that I may never fully understand.
The End.


Spinning Girl said...

It's a little sad that "kissing" did not come up until #80.

tuuna taco said...

What was the page behind the one we were supposed to read? From what I could read, through the paper, it sounded interesting!

ps. welcome home. missed you, ... this much. (holding hands very far apart)

Spinning Girl said...

TT -- ooh, that is a short story I began on the next page! A juicy morsel for another day.

missed you ... this many (holding up a few fingers, awkwardly, not sure if that is how you count "missings")

B.E. Earl said...

Fresh peas? Not so much.

But I heartily approve of things that smell of ginger.