July 06, 2007

I found my grad school notebook, part 1.

I must have gotten bored of regular notetaking and started writing down random phrases I was hearing. Or something. It really isn't all that clear.

To wit:

Prototypic pattern on meds.
On the sugar pill!
Solving the memory puzzle.
Terribly undisciplined.
Fountain of youth!
We were inundated.
I wasn't really too hip.
Males and females.
Elderly people against 20-year-olds.
This is a new time.
It's a really crappy literature.
It is very hard to control.
Existing in a vacuum.
I think just very briefly.
Other dimensions.
We go now to the brain.
Divided attention.
A whole host of phenomena.
Totally unrelated.
Highly co morbid!
Impulse control.
Selective attention.
Executive function.
And then again, and again.

After this, I started making up license plates:


What does all this mean?

Perhaps, that I did not actually earn my 2nd Master's?


jamwall said...

yoooz a genus.

spank me.

(on a license plate, that would say SPNKME)

miss kendra said...

my license plate would say GEEKSEX.


Sleep Goblin said...

1. I love you so much for having your notebook still. I have all of mine neatly organized in binders.

2. Maybe if I had taken notes like that, my wrists wouldn't be bothered so much today from the word for word notes I took.. and I didn't finish my first masters..

Sysm said...

Please elaborate on the highly co morbid. Was the hyphen implied? Inferred?

One must know.

Juan must know. Tambien.

Madge said...


jiggs said...

If i had ever taken notes in a class, I would be in the same boat.