July 24, 2007

The Down & Dirty Blog Frolic (IV): Hole in the Wall

In the playful spirit of Blog Frolics one, two, and three, I now bring you the most recent episode of this fun filler for when I can't think of anything to say game!!! Enjoy.

Osbasso said...
Have you ever ripped off the "Do Not Remove" tags from your mattress? And if so, did you turn yourself in?

Are you insane? I am generally law-abiding, and that warning has chilled me to the core. I would no more rip that label off than eat the little silica packet in a box of new shoes, the one that screams DO NOT EAT. This bag is not a toy!!!

jamwall said...
Yodeling veggie boy is my hero still. WORD VERIFICATION: UKTICVFN <-- Ukranian transvestites invest cash very fraudulently nifty!

Thank you.

miss kendra said...
would you like to visit california?

I can't believe I haven't already.

what is your favorite fruit, and how do you like to eat it?

I like to eat an avocado straight out of the peel, with salt and a spoon. Also, any fruit wrapped in leather.

when we marry in vegas, would you prefer old or young elvis, and what will he sing?

I would prefer Siegfried and Roy. Well, before Siegfried's face got chewed. Or was it Roy? I am not sure which is which, but they are the guardians of one of the portals to hell, so I would like to see them in person at least once.

Freiya said...
where would you most like to go in the world, out of everywhere, if you had the money?

The moon!

oh, and what single thing would improve the quality of your life right now?!

Just one thing? Hmmm. I guess a trip to the moon, then.

Slyde said...
wow, a blast from the past, with ME as the leading question! WOO - HOO! Whats been shakin', sushi-girl? havent seen you stop by in a while......

That is not a question. Oh, I see ... what's shakin' is a question. Answer: My ass, and my faith.

sleepydog said...
Oddly enough, I can't find an Estonian restaurant in Chicago. However, in the event that one opens up, can you tell me about some of your favorite Estonian foods ? I hate having to point at menus.

Estonian cooking unites the following foods in endless combinations:

1. Beets
2. Potatoes
3. Dill
4. Herring
5. Pork

Also, you seem to have really good taste in music, do you have a favorite band or bands ? What have you been listening to a lot lately?

Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, and Tori Amos. Read about how I want to molest each of them:

Then there's the whole classical world, where Mozart is king and Beethoven, Richard Strauss, Bach and Telemann hold court.

Also, I couldn't help but notice the classic Akbar & Jeff (Life In Hell) cartoon on your fridge, what is your favorite Akbar & Jeff "Hut" ? Thank you for allowing me to present you with my queries, you are a wonderful human being.

My favorite Akbar & Jeff is the one that is one my fridge, shown here. I'll scan & post it later, I am too tired to do it now (this will be funny after you see the comic). [Tuesday EDIT: Here it is!]

Thanks for the compliment. I feel so very toasty in my tickle-spot.

ajooja said...
Shawn Chacone is one of my favorite baseball players because his name is so rhythmic. What is your favorite rhythmic name?

Nana Mouskouri.

jiggs said...
I have some moisture of unknown origin... IN MY PANTS!!!!BOOOOOOOOOOOOYAH!!!!!!!!111!!!

Thank you.

B.E. Earl said...
My girlfriend's favorite book is "A Boy's Life" also. She loves that "coming of age"/fantasy/horror stuff. Have you ever read "Summer of Night" and/or it's sequel "A Winter Haunting" by Dan Simmons? And I know you are a huge Stephen King fan, so you must have read "It", but have you read "Floating Dragon" by Peter Straub?

I have not read any of the books you mention, and I am immediately putting them on my wish list!!!!

My Amazon.com Wish List

I of course read It, but my favorite SK book is The Stand, followed very closely by his
Magnum Opus.

Lee Ann
How come when someone makes you laugh when you have swallowed milk or soda it comes out of your nose?

Because you were bad.

Madge said...
If you blogged in a parallel universe, what would your blog be called? Your user name? Your profile picture?

In a parallel universe, my blog would be written by a me that was getting younger each day, and I would blog the journey until I forgot how to write. It would end with me as a single cell, at which point I would split into a sperm and an egg. My username would be "zygote" and my profile picture would be a clock that runs backwards.

Sleep Goblin said...
First of all, Wisconsin is the only place you can truly eat brats. I mean, we do have the largest brat fest in the WHOLE WORLD. So my first question:When are you going to get your blonde behind over here?And my next question: Have you used your poison quill set yet? I miss those posts :)Isn't it summer vacation yet? It must be if you're going north. Did you know that my job recently announced that every five years they're pay for a one month sabbatical, including the hotel and plane ticket costs if you go to a country you've never visited before? It's highly unlikely I'll be there in five years because of DS's job situation, but wouldn't it be sweet if we went to Estonia together? (did I mention that they'll pay for a second person?)

I don't often eat brats, but I teach some of them every day. Someday I hope to visit Wisconsin, as well as a few other foreign countries. If you go to Estonia, you must come back and tell me how much you love it. As for the Poison Quill set, I have just been given reason to break it out. Watch for a letter soon (on my blog, not in your mailbox, dearest one!). You know I love me some angry letters.

jamwall said...
Three questions: 1. Can you substantiate the rumors that my presence is designed to boost the star power and male sex appeal this blog is looking for?2. What was that look?3. How shall I violate you?

1. What did you think that interview was?

2. Oh, I just thought I saw someone I knew. In your pants.

3. Early. Often.

SignGurl said...
Do you have any plans to visit Monkey?

I do. We are planning a marvelous, slobbery reunion in August. Watch for it!!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...
Is that picture from "The Adventures of the Wishing Chair"?

I'm not sure, did you write that book? And if so, I apologize.

miss kendra said...
am i a sucker? i hope you know i mean that it the cleanest sense possible.will my robot burlesque number be a hit?

Not at all, and absolutely. You decide in which order those 2 answers go.

Marisa said...
what is your favorite adjective?


DaMasta said...
Everyone's blogging about me today.. must be a sign.. I shall return, my love.. I shall!

I shall count the ticking of the hours.

jiggs said...
why do your blog frolics scare me?why did I comment earlier about moisture of unknown origin?I am sick. How should I get well?

Perhaps you are dehydrated. I would recommend you tap into that moisture to slake your thirst.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...
Brad or Tom?



miss kendra said...

i would just like to remind you that avocados are grown in california.

carry on.

jamwall said...

Hey! You're right! There's someone who looks just like you in my pants at this very moment!

Shanshu said...

That was fun!

B.E. Earl said...

Always fun.

"Floating Dragon", by the way, is reaaaallly similar to "It" and it was written a few years before that awesome novel.

Not as good as "It", or Straub's best novel "Ghost Story" (which, if you haven't read it...you must), but pretty fuckin' good.

Sleep Goblin said...

I must admit that I was not quite right in the head when I left you that rambling "question". Though I see you've forgiven my typos and answered with your usual grace and flair :)

jiggs said...

thanks for the advice about my moisture problem.