July 30, 2007

Blue Rubber Gloves: A mystery in one act

Yesterday I was at a red light and, as usual, I started looking at people in the cars around me. You never know, I might see something interesting, like a fucking 14 year old sucking her thumb and her dad pretending not to see. Why was he not beating her senseless?!? celebrity!

On this day, I watched the woman next to me pull on a pair of blue rubber gloves. The light changed, and she drove away, so I was unable to ask her (which I totally planned on doing) why on earth she would need to drive with rubber gloves. The dishwashing kind, not the rectal exam kind.

I came up with the following scenarios to explain this bizarritude:
  • She has some sort of allergy to pleather.
  • It's a fetish thing. Hey, I don't judge, I just watch. Ahh-chooo!
  • She was on her way to a dishwashing party, and running late.
  • She was hosting a one-woman dishwashing party, in her car. The roaster pan was soaking next to her on the passenger seat.
  • She had just Armor-Alled her entire dashboard, and was worried about slippage.
  • She knew I was hard up for bloggy material, and wanted to help.

Whatever the reason, Ms. Rubber Gloves made my day. Thanks, crazy lady!


B.E. Earl said...

Or she was getting ready to kill someone and not leave any prints.

And you let her escape. Way to go.

jamwall said...

I like the dishwashing party explanation.

Was she topless?

rob said...

I'm with B.E. Earl on this one.

In the winter I wear rubber gloves in the shower, to keep the soap off my cracked-skin hands.

jiggs said...

I'm always hosting a one-woman dishwasher party... IN MY PANTS!

ajooja said...

It was totally sexual. Thankfully, the stoplight wasn't long enough for you to see her break out the lube. ;)

Freiya said...

Doesn't everyone drive with rubber gloves on?
*awkward silence*
i'll get my coat......

sleepydog said...

Perhaps she was recreating the scene from "Better Off Dead" where Lane Myers was racing the two Japanese guys and as the Japanese driver was putting on his driving gloves and revving his engine, Lane put on a pair of rubber gloves.
I think they were yellow though.

Alternatively, the lady was hoping someone would blog about it and is frantically Googling "Blue Rubber Gloves" as we speak.

t2ed said...

I think she's a superhero and was starting to put her costume on.

Obviously, she fights grime.

Yes, that was a long way to go, but I couldn't help myself.