July 20, 2007

Also, in the very near future, I intend to discuss the following at great length:


Edge said...

Rarely if ever do things like this surprise me. Te secrets of people's sex lives totally fascinates me. I would love to know some secrets.

Ever read the book "The Day America Told The Truth"?


Lauren said...

I was so terrified by the article I had to stop reading. Whatever kinky sex and plush stuffed toys have in common is something I don't want to know.

J said...

I always like to see that I've had some impact on people's lives.

By the way, I did not mention this when I was within range, but I believe that teddy bears dressed as other animals are hilarious. There's something about it that gives me a tingly feeling in my pancreas.

By the way, a big Indian and a little Indian were walking down the street. The little Indian was the son of the big Indian, but the big Indian was not the father of the little Indian.

miss kendra said...

i know about plushies and furries and splashers and the whole thing...

i don't get it.

i just don't.