June 30, 2007

Time for another blog frolic

Reposted so that you can GET YOUR QUESTIONS IN! I plan to address this as soon as I return from the North, where I am roasting Bratwurst over a fire, and drinking diet birch beer.

Now that school is over, I can return to obsessive blogging in earnest. Or, possibly, blowing off all forms of writing and just lounging around on the lanai (read: weed-encrusted patio). I would, however, like to frolic with you once more. Here is how it goes: You pose questions in the comments section, and then one night, as I binge on red velvet cake and 2% milk ('cause I'm on a diet), I answer them. Does that sound like fun?

Here is a portion of a past blog frolic to inspire you:

Slyde said... a question, huh? ok...why don't you ever call? It’s lonely out here in the cyberverse...p.s. it was nice to see you drop by the site the other week. I was honored :)
I tried to call, but it keeps telling me that you were away from your desk at the moment, or with a client. What do you do, work for a living?!? Also, your blog is hot stuff; your template messes with my browser, though, so I only stop by when I have the patience.

miss kendra said... how far is spinning girl's house, Connecticut from say, Salem Massachusetts? And would spinning girl's house be amenable to a visit say, around the holidays, were someone from California to find herself suddenly on the east coast?
I am exactly 101.101 miles from Salem. This distance can be traversed by the spinmobile in less than 2 hours. Your wish is my command! Beware, though, for Salem (as you well know) is a hotbed of anti-feminine activity. I speak, of course, of the witch trials of old.

Übermilf said... Let no one claim Estonian women aren't hot.
This story speaks for itself. And let us not forget the hottie in the ballpit. Meowr!

DaMasta said... When can I move in?
Yesterday. No, the day before.

"K" Fingerett said... I'm sorry, I'm still stuck on your last "Discuss" post aka the "wtf post" ...Now for a question...Maybe I missed it, because you post so often and I don't get on hear as much as I used to... But, what ever happened to the monkey?
Since you are relatively new to the scene, and started coming around after the Monkey heyday, I will forgive your use of the term “The Monkey”. I must warn you, however, that he would be greatly disdained by your use of this term. He is simply “Monkey”; just as you aren’t “The Fingerett.” I won’t tell him, though, and let’s just keep your error on the QT; otherwise we would be covered with pellets o’ poo.

As for Monkey’s whereabouts, I believe he is resting. After our visit in January, when we fell in love, Monkey was quite heartbroken. He has been spotted from time to time, which eases my mind as to his well-being. Monkeys need their rest, and his hiatus corresponds perfectly with the hibernation period (a little-known fact) of wild monkeys, so I am not worried. If I see him, I will tell him that you asked after him.

Lee Ann said... Why do men have nipples?
To hold their titanium jewelry, of course.


Osbasso said...

Have you ever ripped off the "Do Not Remove" tags from your mattress? And if so, did you turn yourself in?

jamwall said...

Yodeling veggie boy is my hero still.

WORD VERIFICATION: UKTICVFN <-- Ukranian transvestites invest cash very fraudulently nifty!

miss kendra said...

would you like to visit california?

what is your favorite fruit, and how do you like to eat it?

when we marry in vegas, would you prefer old or young elvis, and what will he sing?

Freiya said...

where would you most like to go in the world, out of everywhere, if you had the money?
oh, and what single thing would improve the quality of your life right now?!

Slyde said...

wow, a blast from the past, with ME as the leading question! WOO - HOO! Whats been shakin', sushi-girl? havent seen you stop by in a while......

sleepydog said...

Oddly enough, I can't find an Estonian restaurant in Chicago. However, in the event that one opens up, can you tell me about some of your favorite Estonian foods ? I hate having to point at menus.

Also, you seem to have really good taste in music, do you have a favorite band or bands ? What have you been listening to a lot lately?

Also, I couldn't help but notice the classic Akbar & Jeff (Life In Hell) cartoon on your fridge, what is your favorite Akbar & Jeff "Hut" ?

Thank you for allowing me to present you with my queries, you are a wonderful human being.

ajooja said...

Shawn Chacone is one of my favorite baseball players because his name is so rhythmic. What is your favorite ryhthmic name?

jiggs said...

I have some moisture of unknown origin... IN MY PANTS!!!!


B.E. Earl said...

My girlfriend's favorite book is "A Boy's Life" also. She loves that "coming of age"/fantasy/horror stuff.

Have you ever read "Summer of Night" and/or it's sequel "A Winter Haunting" by Dan Simmons?

And I know you are a huge Stephen King fan, so you must have read "It", but have you read "Floating Dragon" by Peter Straub?

Lee Ann said...

How come when someone makes you laugh when you have swallowed milk or soda it comes out of your nose?

Madge said...

If you blogged in a parallel universe, what would your blog be called? Your user name? Your profile picture?

Sleep Goblin said...

First of all, Wisconsin is the only place you can truly eat brats. I mean, we do have the largest brat fest in the WHOLE WORLD. So my first question:

When are you going to get your blonde behind over here?

And my next question:

Have you used your poison quill set yet? I miss those posts :)

Isn't it summer vacation yet? It must be if you're going north.

Did you know that my job recently announced that every five years they're pay for a one month sabbatical, including the hotel and plane ticket costs if you go to a country you've never visited before? It's highly unlikely I'll be there in five years because of DS's job situation, but wouldn't it be sweet if we went to Estonia together? (did I mention that they'll pay for a second person?)

jamwall said...

Three questions:

1. Can you substantiate the rumors that my presence is designed to boost the star power and male sex appeal this blog is looking for?

2. What was that look?

3. How shall I violate you?

SignGurl said...

Do you have any plans to visit Monkey?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Is that picture from "The Adventures of the Wishing Chair"?

miss kendra said...

am i a sucker? i hope you know i mean that it the cleanest sense possible.

will my robot burlesque number be a hit?

Marisa said...

what is your favorite adjective?

DaMasta said...

Everyone's blogging about me today.. must be a sign.. I shall return, my love.. I shall!

jiggs said...

why do your blog frolics scare me?

why did I comment earlier about moisture of unknown origin?

I am sick. How should I get well?

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Brad or Tom?