June 07, 2007

Things I have accomplished done.

--Sung on stage at Carnegie Hall.
--Held a yellow-jacket on my hand and fed it hamburger.
--Given a 7-year-old French kid the finger, on a plane.
--Jumped off a 40-foot cliff into the Ligurian Sea and taken about 1 quart of that water up my butt, snapping my tailbone.
--Accidentally lost a pet Garter Snake in the wall.
--Taken a 12-foot rowboat halfway across Long Island Sound to swim off the lighthouse.
--Held a baby eagle in my hands.

What have you done? Hmmmmmmm????


jamwall said...

1. found the ligurian sea on a map once.
2. hung on the lip of a saturn rocket engine.
3. stood 20 feet from paul newman as his racecar stalled in front of me. just to think he would go on to become a salad dressing phenom.
4. helped steer a porsche spider replica, the same model james dean drove when he died.
5. given that same 7 year-old french kid the finger this time on a train.
6. snubbed walter mattheau by accident.
7. held a yellow-jacket on my hand and fed it pastrami on rye.
8. for five straight years, was one of five finalsts of publishers clearinghouse who could have been a winner (according to several mailings).
9. the rest is a blur.
10. has pounded the cowbell nonstop 5,145,298,002 times.
11. in order to remember more, i need to consume more coffee or drink-in more of spinneroona's essence.

jamwall said...

i worked at a place where one of the owners (whom i saw around there frequently) shot his wife and her estranged beau. he was out on bail and walking around the premesis. he later killed himself with a plastic bag on halloween.

the place where i worked? a grocery store.

yeah! paper or plastic?

Edge said...

1. Crushed ice
2. Climbed a fence
3. Tripped over a homeless man in Paris at 4 AM
4. Played 8 countries in 2 weeks
5. Known two different famous musical acts before they were big. ( Helped roadie a little for MercyMe and was friends with Pat Green in college )
6. Saved a little girl from choking
7. Had sex with two different women within 24 hours and neither knew about the other.
8. Had a 30 minute conversation with Microsoft co-founer Paul Allen
9. Helped make a baby with my wife
10. Learned to flatulate the ABC song ... ok not really but that sounded funny.


miss kendra said...

you are too cool.
my list:

been jealous.

tuuna taco said...

I absolutely worship you.

oregoncelticlady said...

Hey, me too! Me too!!! Carnegie Hall ROCKED!!!!! Best place I EVER sang!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

You have the coolest life!

Also, the one about the French kid made me laugh out loud. Heartily. :)

Osbasso said...

I swear to God I left my list on here this morning...

jiggs said...

Oh man! I had heard about water up the butt on a cliff dive, but I had always thought it was a rumor!

I heard that you gotta really squeeze your butthole tight so that doesn't happen!

Also, that's what' frenchie gets!

Freiya said...

1. eaten 9 different types of fish
2. consistantly maintained the lie that i can ride a horse really well to everyone i know
3. survived temperatures of minus 40C
4. kicked a drug habit
5. not learnt to swim ( rolf harris cover your ears )
the french kid was obviously asking for it,
and the jumping of the cliff, water up the butt thing, that sounds nasty, i'm glad i never bothered learning to swim if thats what happens :)

Rrramone said...

Hmmmm... skydived twice yelling fuck all the way down, walked up on 2 male lions in Africa, been to Cuba, confronted my father, sold a business, walked right by Steve Carell, drawn a portrait and presented it to Hank Aaron, had surgery on my peepee when I was a young lad, and farted audibly in a classroom. And so many more. :-)