June 08, 2007

Repost: Dave Barry, Kindred Spirit

According to a Blogthings quiz, my Famous Blogging Twin is Dave Barry.
... Which is perfect, because I am a huge Dave Barry fan.
I even have his page-a-day calendar (a tried & true test of fan loyalty!) and a personal, handwritten postcard from him on my fridge.


I sent him my
Country Music Song Titles, and he sent me a postcard!
In my book, that's as good as published!


While we're looking at my fridge,
let's take a little tour, shall we?

I'm getting a playful, juvenile, introspective,
zen vibe from all this stuff.

I wonder what my shrink would think.

It's true ... a woman does like the smell of a horse on a man.

Memorial Day cartoon about a visit to the

Vietnam Monument in DC. Very nice.

A few postcards...

... some Thoreau, and wait, what is that I spy?
I see a David head peeking from beneath?

Let's see what that is...


... heh heh ...

I went to Italy, remember? It's art !


Fighting off life's demons while maintaining fabulous hair! That's me!

Then we have sort of a
Robert Frost-Chinese fortune cookie-Curious George-
baby's foot stamped onto music paper-insipration-montage.

Cheer & spirituality each time I go for a snack!

Nearby, a random assortment of childishness...
Granted, these are on the side of the fridge, not the front.
I just can't bear to dispose of these old bits of memorabilia.
And who doesn't enjoy a joke about

and who hasn't felt a sin coming on?

Ah yes. Now, here we have a special item.
A souvenir from when I met the legendary
Caroll Spinney
(the real BB--also does Oscar the Grouch!)

Whew, all this psychoanalysis and reminiscing has given me a hankering for a snack.

Yum, Greek Yogurt.
Or maybe some of that veggie mess in the Tupp behind it.
Or no...
Oh, here we go ... I found just what I wanted.

Yep, I am officially in for the night.


Freiya said...

i love the my garden kicks ass postcard, actually i love all the stuff on your fridge, and prunes,, mmmmm delicious, they also kick ass.....

jamwall said...

I love the questions like "when will Spinnerina spread Greez yogurt all over my heine?"

Those country music titles are MASTERFUL! My favorite is: "That Pounding Ain’t My Engine, It's My Heart."

jamwall said...

What the hell did I just write?

"Greez" yogurt??


Lauren said...

Everytime I look at my fridge I think, "I will take a picture of the things on my fridge and post it on my blog." One day I will get around to it.

Butchieboy said...

Prunes. You're brave.

jiggs said...

Every time I hear a joke about a lutefisk, I crap my pants with laughter!