May 01, 2007

One click

Hi everyone, please take a moment to help this boy; he has a rare skin disorder and is collecting petition signatures to enable him to have helpful Home Improvements made that will make his life more comfortable. Read his story and then sign, and please spread the word!


Butchieboy said...

I was ready for the joke. It wasn't a joke. Now I'm just depressed.

Birthing Girl--someday hopefully said...

I actually met this boy! His parents and I go to the same accountant and we ended up in the waiting room together two months ago. I thought maybe he had been in a HORRIFIC skiing accident or a fire or something. I struck up a conversation with him about his little sister...he is a very sweet boy, and extremely friendly. His skin looked so painful...he had long dressings over his arms and was limping. I didn't hear one single whine or complaint from him, though.

I'm glad that you posted this to your site, SG. I would never have known who he is!

Jeans Pants said...

I support this. I signed it already