April 11, 2007

On a scale of 1-10, how cute is this duck?

Even I think he's cute,
and I hate shit like that.


FRITZ said...

I have been absent, but this duck brought me back from the dead. I must knit a duck for you.

I've missed you!

Monkey said...

Fritz! My lord. I've forgetten the duck completely.

Oh the duck. He's a one.

I am the cutest thing in the universe.

Diedre said...

maybe a 4 - it he quacks

jamwall said...

i'll have the knitted duck with the mango salsa.

hi fritz!

DaMasta said...

They have a store in Galveston that sells quilted little rats like that duck. It's completely useless and fucking cute! :)

Butchieboy said...

That duck is only cute in a down syndrome sort of way. 2.

miss kendra said...

i enjoy amigurumi.

you can learn about them here.

Kat said...

hmmmm. Needs bigger eyes to make me want to care for him instead of wanting to eat him.

Res said...

I'd give this duck a 8 1/2

~~he'd drown if I put him in my bathtub!~~