April 21, 2007

I did stuff.

I painted my bedroom.

I also stained my shed, which I did in the fall on the 2 sides facing the house; now that I have new neighbors and more stain, I did the side facing their house.

I went to the beach. it looked ... not like this:

This is Newport Bermuda. Where I was not. My beach was very beige, with assorted families and angry Hispanic people (in that their primary conversation consisted of yelling, "that's fucked up!" at each other). I done forgot my camera.

Next I played "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" with my new nighbors. They oohed and ahhed over mine. Theirs needs a lot of work, especially inside. Mine just needs a little bit of trimming on the outside.

I made pretty polka dots in the dining room, courtesy of Pier 1's gigantic clearance sale. I love slash hate Pier 1. Here are the dots:

I had a little bamboo planting project, in hopes of getting my yoga room all set up sometime soon. Here are some of the bamboos:


Then I rested and made the following funny for ICHC, out of my sister's cat Sussu:

I must credit
Tits with introducing me to this most wonderful site. Which reminds me, before I can relax I need to go get muh bacon on.

This was my day. An ordinary, homey kind of day.

What I did not do: call my daughter a thoughtless pig. At least there's that!


Bill said...

I'm getting a new kitchen and the electrician managed to disconnect power from the furnace so I'm freezing my ass off.

But I'm told if I live it will be a lovely kitchen.

tuuna taco said...

I went to the Goodwill store today for you, but alas, did not find any bamboo vases for you. Sorrike!

Everything looks lovely, and I can't believe how much you accomplished all in 1 day, now I see why I didn't hear from you. I did...nothing.

My putty tat is on the web! cool!

jamwall said...

you have labored so hard on that beautiful house.

thats it!

i am coming over, expect a knock at the door sometime tomorrow.

Madge said...

The toile pops.
The color is perfect!

And those bamboos! Oh my. I love those especially.

Sussu! That's so funny.

Tits McGee said...

Mmmmmm...Spinning Bed. Your talents never cease to impress me.

Also, your cat macro? Delicious.

And your bacon, baby, was divine. I'm still recovering.

miss kendra said...

toile! pops!


DaMasta said...

Yesssss, I *too* love slash hate Pier One. Their lovely prints and exotic materials.. all the fun flavorful items for your house.. and RETARDEDLY ASTRONOMICAL PRICES! Wtf is up with that?!

Ha! That cheezburger site is hiiiii-larious! Added it to my favorites. I have to send you a pic of ze rats, maybe you can do a little funny touch up with them! ;)