April 20, 2007

Grab an oar ...

... and paddle along my stream of consciousness!

Monkey and the Spinning Wheels in January 2006

What follows is an excerpt from my internal dialogue between noon and 1 PM. I climbed into the Spinning Wheels and drove around town! Here is how much fun I had:

  • Hmmm ... this construction has been going on a long time. I wonder if they will ever be finished?
  • It seems like there's always construction in Connecticut, no matter where you go.
  • Oh sure, Town Cop, I'll stop for you. Nice shades.
  • You stopped me for that?!? Cutting down a 5' stump of telephone pole?
  • Nice shades. Yeah, yeah, I see you waving. I'm a-comin', I'm a-comin'.
  • Smile & wave. Thank you, Mr. Policeman! I like your vest that says "Spotter". Were you a "Safety Officer" in elementary school?
  • Oooh, sushi here how? Score!
  • This light was never here.
  • God, it's gorgeous out. I need to open my windows!
  • Dayumn, it's windy.
  • I should take those Snapple bottles out of the back. If they clink together much more, they might break.
  • Ooh, I need lipstick. There we go. Pretty me! Woah --- eyebrows!!! I wonder if Dove Spa waxes on walk-ins?
  • I should blog this internal dialogue I am having. I wonder how many people will hate me. I think Miss Kendra did something like this once. I hope she doesn't mind me copying her.*
  • I wonder if my internal dialogue is like everyone else's?
  • I bet if I say "pubes" in my blog then people will automatically mouth the word to themselves.
  • Oooh, hardware store! I need mousetraps. And a 2-prong halogen bulb.
  • It's so nice out!!!
  • Oh, nice motorcycle, asshat. You are way too small to be driving such a huge bike. Yes, we know you are manly. Wow, the way you rev that engine shows me how big and strong you are. Oh, here we go. Nice signaling, fuckstick. Goodbye!!!
  • I can't believe they cut down all these trees to widen the road by five feet. What the hell?
  • Let's go see if the new sushi place does takeout. I want some of those tempura crunchies.

    Thank you for joining us. Tune in next week as I drive to the dentist!
*[editorial comment: It was Brooke! Brooke! Brooke! My bad.]


miss kendra said...


brookelina said...

Actually it was me that did the dialogue. That's ok. I don't mind not being remembered. Really. It's fine.


Sling said...

Well that explains Connecticut's state motto..
"Please excuse the inconvenience,we're still under construction".. :)

Tits McGee said...

I want to wrap you in bacon and eat you right up.

B.E. Earl said...

I didn't mouth "pubes" to myself, but ya can't stop me from mouthing "2-prong halogen bulb" in that way.


Madge said...

sushi takeout!

Bostick said...

Awesome. If I did one of these there would be at least six "she wants me" in it. And a lot of cursing of others driving skills.