April 09, 2007

Fill in the blanks.

Yesterday I ___ .
Today I ___ .
Tomorrow I will ___ .

Thank you.


Monkey said...

Yesterday I found out I was broke.
Today I made up a new budget and plan.
Tomorrow I will throw myself into the bay.

Monkey's Human

P.S. Monkey answered each of these "eat bananas". He's so reliable.

Spinning Girl said...

Yesterday I got into a tangle with a thorny, mighty bush. Today I had a giant scratch on my eye. Tomorrow, I will wear a patch.

MsLittlePea said...

Yesterday I was sick with the flu

Today I still feel like crap

Tomorow I will stab myself in the nose with a fork if my sinuses don't clear up

thanks and have a nice day ;o)

Madge said...

Yesterday I sat through a dinner that was two hours too long.
Today I peed in a cup.
Tomorrow I will be more positive.

jamwall said...

Yesterday I clogged my klarn.
Today I siphoned kool-aide with my wee-wee.
Tomorrow I will abuse homeless people.

Bill said...

Yesterday I thought of tomorrow.
Today I thought of yesterday.
Tomorrow I will be even more confused than I am now.

jiggs said...

Yesterday I grew a beard. Today it was itchy, and tomorrow I will shave it.

Melissa said...

Yesterday, I contemplated doing laundry.

Today, I will look at it in disgust yet ignore it once again.

Tomorrow, I may actually wash some clothes.

DaMasta said...

Yesterday I ordered a box of fries from a cheesecake delivery place and nearly barfed.

Today I shaved my legs for the first time in a month. (okay, two)

Tomorrow I will rub one out to pictures of you in an eye patch.

Marisa said...

Yesterday I watched "24" with my brother.
Today I went to the dentist to get fitted for a night guard.
Tomorrow I will take a shower.

I know, its a thrill-a-minute life I lead. Few could handle whirlwind of activity.

Twirling Girl said...

Yesterday I discovered that my father really doesn't hate squirrels that much after all.

Today I am tired and I think I am getting a cold AGAIN, but will be taking my 1 year old son to swimming lessons anyway.

Tomorrow I will decompress at my yoga class.

Edge said...

Yesterday I pooped my pants .
Today I will kill my boss .
Tomorrow I will be long gone from here.


Monkey said...

Like Damasta, I too will be thinking fondly of you in your Pirate Outfit.

miss kendra said...

yesterday i was alone for the first time.

today i will be alone again.

tomorrow i might be used to it.

Spinning Girl said...

Yesterday I bought loose-fitting panties.

Today I had a wedgie all day.

Tomorrow I will go commando, and possibly *give* a wedgie.

Marisa said...

funny ... yesterday i wore loose fitting panties and had the opposite experience. i was pulling them up all day.
(today i didn't)
(tomorrow i won't either)

Quilting Girl said...

Yesterday I locked my keys in my car while it stood running at 5 am.

Today my father decided that since it's now April, heat is no longer needed - it was 50 in our house this morning while it was 30 outdoors. Needless to say, I couldn't get out of bed...

Tomorrow I will sleep in an extra hour before working out and showering at a leisurely pace. I will then go pick up Spinning Girl for our big BrEaKfAsT!

Bill said...

Yesterday I, too, wore loose fitting panties. And I wasn't self-conscious at all. Well, except at the doctor's office. "Research," I said. "Uh, yeah. Research. That's it."

btw ... mine were a manly blue. Okay, powder blue. But boy blue!

Rebecca said...

Yesterday I went to bed really early and woke up to pee about 6 times.

Today I bought my friends Starbucks, ate a lot and took a nap.

Tomorrow I might have this baby. But probably not for a few more weeks.

Hey SG, don't you need to pay a membership fee to do that? (I at first thought your comment was a double entendre...)

Birthing Girl said...

Yesterday I thought of what could be.

Today, I know what is.

Tomorrow I will do it again.

Husband of Rebecca

(If he's lucky. sorry...I know he was trying to be deep, but I just can't do that around here)

Jeans Pants said...

Yesterday I worked an awful day at work. today I went to the gym, tomorrow I go to work again.

Im boring

Diedre said...

yesterday I didn't ware any panties.

Today no panites again.

Tomorrow I will think about doing some laundry

Brookelina said...

Yesterday I didn't work out.

Today I didn't work out.

Tomorrow I will probably not work out either.

DaMasta said...

Yesterday I found out I gained back all the weight I lost except for one pound.

Today I ate a sugar cookie that my friend saved me from her meeting.

Tomorrow I will start a diet where I won't eat till June.

Freiya said...

Yesterday I forgot it was my friends birthday.
Today I will buy something over the top and expensive for her to compensate for my crapness.
Tomorrow I will make more effort not to do it again....