April 19, 2007

Blog of Note

Now if you'll pardon me,
I have some bangle bracelets to find ...


Lorraine said...

Spinning Girl, Thanks a million for the promotion. We love having new people find our little "club". Come by often and bring all your friends. There's always a happy hour special!

t2ed said...

Don't forget your acid wash jeans, leg warmers, and your asymmetrical hair cut.

Kat said...

Don't forget
palazzo pants or
parachute pants
a banana clip
mile high bangs
jelly shoes or
treetorns or
penny loafers or
witch boots or
desert boots
a feather clip
a t-shirt clip
and of course
an over-sized, leather-fringed, pink purse.

Maynard said...

hahaha... Yeah don't forget your Devo and Van Halen cassettes.

Or uh, your kilo of cocaine.

Now I have "Whip It" stuck in my head...

Sling said...

What a coincidence!...I found your blog by way of Here's the 80's.(Just when you thought it was safe to come back in the bar). ;)
Hope to see you there often!