February 21, 2007

And the winner is ...

It was pure joy for me to bring minutes of fun to the entire Blogger community with my Highlights 1946 Contest. As you know, I love me some blog contests ... I finally found something to rival the Stupidest Blog Contest Ever. Finally, the intellectual challenge of the Highlights Hidden Drawing sparked the opportunity to unload some of my house-crap on you all.

The first response, from Edge, was close to perfect, but Edge fell into the Highlights trap of hiding one dog head while leaving the other out in the open to fool you. See here? Edge circled the real dog head and missed the one in the clouds (near #5). He later resubmitted a corrected version, which wins him Honorable Mention.

Diedre's response was the second to come in, and the first one correct, so she is the lucky recipient of house crap that I have warmed inside my clothes. Lucky you!

Lee Ann sent in a perfect answer as well, and receives Honorable Mention for her valiant efforts!

Thanks for playing, everyone. It's Gallant of you to endure the whims of a Goofus like me.


Edge said...

That old woman ... she's a looker!


jamwall said...

i already own something that spinning girl placed between her fabulous breasts.

Lee Ann said...

Just so cool!

Brookelina said...

I lost again. I'm so sad.

Can I place myself between your breasts to console myself?