December 08, 2006

TBDOA* rears its ugly head in the unlikeliest of places

We must keep watch, my dear ... keep watch. For when we falter, when we look away, *Teddy Bears Dressed as Other Animals emerge in droves!

From Damasta:

She says:
Here's a bear dressed up as a butterfly. With a stamp? For to mail.. him..?
I don't understand, but it's for babies. HUH?!


At the Post Office:

I think the merging of TBDOA and a favorite USA icon is especially evil. I also hate the little love-tuft on his chin. Ew!

From Quilting Girl:

She says I now see TBDOA wherever I go, and thanks a f---ing lot, Spinning Girl!

Open your eyes, people. They are everywhere. What is this madness?


Monkey said...

I have the same affliction as Quilting Girl. TBDOA is a crime. A crime I tell you!

Juliabohemian said...

what I don't understand is baby clothes with pockets on them. I mean, what are they for, a pack of cigarettes or something?

Anonymous said...

That little bee bear will haunt me for days.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wonder when beanie babies will come back. Or Furbies. Or chia pets.


Ginamonster said...

They haunt me every night at work. First it was golfing ones, now it's bears dressed for the snow. In San Diego. geez

miss kendra said...

the stamp is to send it straight to hell.

larry h. said...

First Steven Colbert, and now Spinning Girl ... the war on bears will never end. :)

Kat said...

speaking of attrocities. Remember your post about the animal parts blankets at the baby shower? Of course you do. Anyhoo. I got one. A pig. It's absolutely terrifying.

Brookelina said...

These are almost as bad as Hummels.