December 05, 2006

The sugar quill.

Ahh yes, nothing is as deeply satisfying as a well-penned angry letter ... unless it is a well- penned admiration letter, like the one I write each month to our chosen student:

December 1, 2006

Dear Parents of Cancia Albelikthis:

It is our pleasure to inform you that we have chosen Cancia as the Eight-C Team Citizen of the Month for November. We thought you might appreciate knowing why we selected Cancia for this honor.

The character traits that qualify Cancia for this recognition are many. We have all noted that she is polite and has a very positive outlook! Even when she is frustrated, she is respectful and appropriate. She has been described by one teacher as being one of the most genuine students on our team. We’ve observed that she is friendly to all, and makes an effort to connect with adults and peers on a regular basis. She is one of those students with whom we’ll make eye contact if we look up from our desk. We appreciate that she has taken the time to for a relationship with each of us. We do notice!!!

Cancia is helpful, hardworking, and cooperative. She always makes an effort to be an active member of class and to offer her thoughts. We can always tell that she is being attentive and investing her energy in doing her best. She has a natural enthusiasm for learning that is infectious!

When Cancia’s name was placed on the table as a nominee for this month’s award, the team’s response was enthusiastic and unanimous. You should be very proud to know, as we are, that you are raising a lovely young lady.

MMS Eight-C Team teachers


Monkey said...


Go Cancia!

I can't sleep.

Osbasso said...

I seem to remember having a couple of students like Cancia Albelikthis. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered by the Ima Painintheass types.


DaMasta said...

Someone should write a letter to your parents telling how wonderful you are. Someone, not me. Cause I wouldn't do you justice.


Anonymous said...

That's so beautiful!

ajooja said...

I'm sure Cancia is one of a kind. :)

jiggs said...

With a name like that, it's no wonder she turned out good.

Seriously, it took me a while to catch the name pun.

LBseahag said...

they just call it that so they don't get their asses beat by the bullies for getting good grades...

damn kids.