December 02, 2006

MySpace (teacher style)

Next to my teacher-desk I have a bulletin board of little items that inspire me (or help me survive the day); here are some of them. Of course, they are blurry. Because I was sitting in the back of the room while my colleague was teaching, and I was taking pictures of my wall, and I was trying to do it without anyone noticing.

One day a girl got 2nd place in a review game we were playing; the first-prizers got stickers (yeah! Cheap stickers from Oriental Trading!), but she asked what second prize was. I said, she gets a hug; not from me though, just from some random person. So she made this sign for me.

"Show me a day when the world wasn't new."

A letter from a student, last year on the last day of school, and her bumblebee-gloves; because of my favorite song, which I often sang in class to get the kids to quiet down. You don't think singing a jingle quiets a class? Sure as hell it does, faster than shushing.

The Award of All Awards! According to this, I ...

Have the Greatest life Stories --- Have a Tremendously Humerous [sic] personality --- A Contagious laugh --- look Fabulous in black (my color of choice 90% of the time) --- Catch so many gum-chewers in class --- Created a Beautiful Yearbook --- and am a Terrific teacher!!! I FEEL THE LOVE.

One of my favorite Story People stories.

If you don't know about Brian Andreas, you really should.

A poem from a friend,

given to me years ago,

when I needed it most.


Sleep Goblin said...

DS also claims the Bumblebee Tuna song as his favorite, and in fact often plays a version by Mephiskapheles for, so he says, my enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

You are so loved!
Any teacher that looks fabulous in black is by far the coolest teacher in the school.

miss kendra said...

marry me.

and thank you SO very very much for your splendid donation to my fund! your holidaygoodness is some of my favorite. =)

Anonymous said...

oooh, you are loved, thats really lovely and it's made me feel all warm and fuzzy on your behalf :)