December 02, 2006

Almost as good as a whipping

Bobby is back from the blue, and I am so happy about it! Long and long did we pine. We missed him horribly. We cried delah tears.

Let's look back at our growing love affair as it evolved on my little blog here:

As a member of the very first pigpile:
Bobby (I think we might be related. Good thing, because I would jump him if he weren't my brother, and if I had a penis.)

As the inspiration for my use of the word "vajayjay"
"Vajayjay", whether it came from a TV show or not, was first uttered in my comment thread by Bobby, which forever endeared him to me, and made me want to lie nakedly upon him, even though he likes boys. It gave me such a giggle that I wrote it first in my profile, to replace "this bag is not a toy," then gave it the seat of honor at the top of my blog. Miss Kendra came the closest with her guesses, and even though she tied Gracie, I don't want to send Gracie two pieces of house-crap (although ... matching cock and hen salt-n-pepper shakers might be a treat).

Here is Bobby's original comment:

Bobby said...

if only you had a penis. we could always save up for one, but it's just not the same. love you anyway, vajayjay and all.

OK, maybe the love affair hasn't been that long, but it has been heated, or at least mildly toasty, existing mostly in our comment threads. Go visit my boy and give him some lovin'.


BadGod said...

I got a little somethin'-somethin' over at my blog for ya!

I am almost positive you'll enjoy.

Or not. Whatever.

Bobby said...

i can't believe i missed this originally, but it was a good present now. cheered me up, as did the email.

and now I am curious what badgod has over at his place....