November 28, 2006

We're all just begging to be Handel-ed

I've been poisoned by my choir friends, who think it is funny to change the words in our songs, and now I cannot sing The Messiah with the proper level of solemnity and/or jubilation. How can I, when I am thinking things like ...

The Prints of Peas.
We all like sheep!
For unto us, a Chinese Ball.
May every fatty be exalted!
Warty is the lamb.

Oh, and there are others. Practically the only thing we haven't touched is the Hallelujah chorus, and only because nothing else sounds like Hallelujah. Help me out?

p.s. Blogger spellcheck is an asstard. You can't tell I meant "enough" by "ebough"? Or "jubilation" by "juilation"?!? What are these lame-ass suggestions you are giving me?


jiggs said...

I hate being poisoned by the choir.

Marisa said...

Hallelujah = Aiiiii love julep! (mint ones)

Osbasso said...

The Bob Rivers classic, "What's It To Ya?"

We do Messiah this Sunday (orig. instrumentation--small orch, no bones...).

miss kendra said...

i want to come hear you sing.

amera hearts said...

1. that is probably my favorite holiday type song. and you might have just ruined it for me!

2. i hate blogger right now. i haven't been able to spell check in almost a month.

3. i agree with kendra, let hear an audio of you singing!

Anonymous said...

Hal and Lou Joe?

I suck at pretending to be a choir friend.

Monkey said...


Draw out the "Boo".

annaoj said...

o thou that sellest aluminum siding!
his yolks are over easy and his toast is light!