November 22, 2006

Horrifying / Alluring

That leather-pinioned freak show aced my quiz.

I don't know whether to jump for joy or throw up.

Maybe I'll just put on a bonnet and

stand in the closet until he gets home.


Brookelina said...

I only got 40. I went against my instincts on three of them. See what I get?

We sound alike when we drive. And that trip sounded perfect as is!

Calzone said...

What can I say? you say all sorts of shit when you're delirous on klonopin and all light headed from a lack of oxygen.

I'll be over a little later, hit the atm when you get out of work. Oh and get a new bonnet, that old ones all played out.

Monkey said...

Good Lord!

Dear Spinning Girl,

I will get a bucket and hold your hair for you while you vomit. I'll wipe your perspiring brow.

This is really not to be borne.

Your faithful companion,

Lee Ann said...

Ooooh, missed the quiz!

Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun and be safe!

Anonymous said...

I think you should hump for joy.

I mean JUMP!

Osbasso said...

That just ain't right...