November 09, 2006

BEST of This Week (aka reasons 478-481 for loving my job)

1. BEST Random Cartoon
Left on a Desk for me to Find:

(click to enlarge)

(context: I described the Great White Shark as not really the size of a tractor trailer, more like a U-Haul. Somebody liked my story, so this cartoon was born. Check out the snorkeling T-Rex, Jonesing for seafood, useless forelimbs and all)

3. BEST Boundary-Crossing Greeting by a Student:
"Hey, Gorgeous!"
(by an 8th grade girl)

4. BEST Random Post-it Stuck to a Locker:


Bill said...

For some reason, I like the monkey licking note. But I'm in a dither these days so I could be wrong. I'm adjusting to time zone differences. What the hell time is it anyway?

jiggs said...

watch out for that kid that said, "hey gorgeous". He's gonna be a slimeball.

Anonymous said...

Hey gorgeous!
You have the best job.

Spinning Girl said...

I neglected to mention the "Hey G!" comment was from a girl who thinks she is about 25.

I'll amend the post!

Monkey said...

You have the best students ever. I enjoy being licked very much.

Brookelina said...

That's YOUR handwriting!!!

miss kendra said...

you DO have a great job.

no one licks monkeys here. that i'm aware of, anyway.

Spinning Girl said...

I wish I could take credit for this, but I am sad to say, these are 100% unprovoked, un-manipulated events.

jamwall said...

you have the same licking monkey habit that i have!

we're like kindred spirits!

Kat said...

The first kid is obviously a prodigy.

MadMeer said...

I don't know what is funnier about that first photo:
-The pure cheddar goldfish
-The senile whale
-The T-Rex's arms
-The T-Rex's snorkel gear
-Or the fact that there is a T-Rex in it to begin with

I could look at that drawing for hours in awe.

Monkey said...

Monkey licking is more popular than I knew!