October 12, 2006

Sometimes, the Quill is Sugar.

To whomever it may concern,

It gives me great pleasure to write a letter on behalf of our school’s yearbook representative, Penelope Strella. As one of two advisors who produce our middle school yearbook, I have known Penelope for almost four years. Within this time we have produced three 112-page books, and begun the fourth. None of this could have been accomplished without Penelope’s tireless and passionate leadership.

One outstanding aspect of Penelope’s personality is her willingness to go above and beyond the mediocre and to strive for excellence. This trait is applied in her own work ethic, as well as in her firm encouragement towards others. There have been times when my co-advisor and I were stuck, mired in bad ideas, and unmotivated. Penelope helped pull us out by prompting us to brainstorm and by offering solutions for our dilemma. She would never allow us to settle for work that was less than excellent. Most admirably, she achieved this near-impossibility by infecting us with her own positive attitude and with her love of the yearbook production process. Even when we resisted at first, we could not help but pull ourselves out of our own rut with Penelope leading the way. The end product was always much better than anything we imagined before we began.

Beyond just encouraging us, Penelope has lent us assistance by designing layouts for us to use or to manipulate to our own liking. She has an eye for design that is both necessary and valuable in this line of work. Often, we’d start a design that looked wrong to us, and she would work with it until it was balanced and page-worthy. Furthermore, she has encouraged us to attend numerous workshops and design clinics to help us become better designers. We may never have quite the eye that she does, but she leads by example and we can only hope to have her talent.

In addition to this encouragement and leadership, Penelope is a model of hard work and excellence in her own right. She is on time to meetings, frequent in her communications with us, willing to jump to assist us with our contacts, flexible in allowing our own creativity to be expressed on the page, and enthusiastic in presenting ideas to our students. In addition, she remembers little details and draws upon her memory to remind us of long-discarded ideas which might suddenly work in a new setting. For these reasons she is both an artist and a master at public-relations.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Penelope Strella in my corner. Yearbook production, like any publication, is an enormous job. My co-advisor and I began this job as new teachers in our schools and complete novices at design. With Penelope’s enthusiastic leadership, our yearbook has risen from a sub-par book to one that is truly outstanding. It is with tremendous enthusiasm that I voice my appreciation for her work.

Spinning Girl

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Penelope said...

Thank you, SG - you really do a nice letter.

Your check is in the mail, as promised.

miss kendra said...

i would like you to write me a letter please.