October 23, 2006

Some of the things I saw slash learned on my field trip.

Bostonians speak Latin.

Statues have rockin' (get it?), stone-hard calves.

The Wampanoag tribe has adapted to modern culture.

Crack kills.


Monkey said...

Crack definitely kills. I love Boston. As you know.

So glad you survived to tell these tales.

jamwall said...

glad you finally made it back alive!

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❉ pixie ❉ said...

That tribesman looks annoyed that you're shooting him while on the cell.

Anonymous said...

You are funny slash observant.

jiggs said...

whip crack!

Anonymous said...

He's annoyed because his soul is being stolen and sent around the globe. Poor Indian.

amera hearts said...

these were great.

oh and the free hugs campaign...there are i think 3 videos from that guy. he's awesome.