July 02, 2006


Mmm, summer weekend morning, time for an omelet. Almost ready, grated my cheese, diced my pepper, time to fetch the eggs. I like the Jumbo egg. Lots of albumen, nice good protein, makes me feel like I am powerful when I crack the f***er open.


Holy crap!

I just lost my appetite.


jamwall said...

that makes me wanna beat the crap outta some eggs..

DaMasta said...

those are some rather large huevos

jiggs said...

those are actually small for ostrich eggs. what! they're not ostrich eggs?!?!?!

how did the carton even close?

i have some rather large huevos.

Madge said...

egg WTF indeed!

MadMeer said...

I had the same feeling when I hit puberty and one boob started growing faster than the other.

Orbs can be so confusing.

Hmmm...That jumbo egg would make a nice sized peice of egg art.

Ever read your own comments and wonder: WTF is wrong with me? Yeah, I just had one of those moments.