December 12, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings al Camino

OK, you must know the drill by now. It's time to Mutter Unconsciously, compliments of the Luna lady!

Ready? Go.

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Stalker::
  2. Outrageous::
  3. Carrying::
  4. Spirited::
  5. Oh!::
  6. Grid::
  7. Country::
  8. Karen::
  9. Candles::
  10. Relationship::

OK, you are finished. Now tell us what you said, and then ...only then...may you peep at my results. They are posted beneath the quick photo I took of a bitchin' El Camino. Sweet ride, eh?

  1. Stalker:: that guy
  2. Outrageous:: Lies
  3. Carrying:: a child
  4. Spirited:: Holiday
  5. Oh!:: No
  6. Grid:: Electricity
  7. Country:: Fair
  8. Karen:: Walker
  9. Candles:: Vanilla
  10. Relationship:: begins, ends

Join us next week when we base our entire stock portfolio on the results of these Mutterings.


DaMasta said...

stalker: dude
outrageous: happenings
carrying: a gun
spirited: drinks
oh!: mah god
grid: plot
country: tis of thee
karen: walker
candles: in the wind
relationship: therapy

AndyT13 said...

Stalker: Candy

Outrageous: Fortune

Carrying: a torch

Spirited: discussion

Oh!: Shit!

Grid: Lock

Country: Music

Karen: Carpenter

Candles: Wax

Relationship: Woes

jamwall said...
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jamwall said...

Stalker:: El Camino

Outrageous:: looney

Carrying:: on

Spirited:: discussion

Oh!:: NO!

Grid:: graph

Country:: sucks

Karen:: carpenter

Candles:: light

Relationship:: diplomacy

Harry Yak said...

stalker:: yak
outrageous:: yak
carrying:: sack
spirited:: yak
oh!:: get back
grid:: tak
country:: shack
karen:: ahhck!
candles:: black
relationship:: crack

nobody loves me more than me. i'm a giant in my own mind.

Justin Kreutzmann said...

Stalker:: baby hawker
Outrageous:: contagious
Carrying:: arms
Spirited:: monkey
Oh!:: not you again
Grid:: life
Country:: rock
Karen:: try another bite
Candles:: sticks
Relationship:: sinking ships

Calzone said...

My power color is orange.

Monkey said...

Stalker :: Blogger

Outrageous :: Costume

Carrying :: Packing

Spirited :: Child

Oh! :: My!

Grid :: Off the

Country :: In Another

Karen :: Carpenter

Candles :: Rocket

Relationship :: Work

LBseahag said...

Stalker:: Bean

Outrageous:: Nutrageous

Carrying:: a stick


Oh!::God! You Devil!




Candles::in the dark


Fun! I knew all the words this time!

AndyW said...

1.Stalker:: Talker
2.Outrageous:: Thinking
3.Carrying:: No Money
4.Spirited:: Debate
5.Oh!:: Fuck
6.Grid:: Squares
7.Country:: Bumpkin
8.Karen:: Evans
9.Candles:: Sex
10.Relationship:: Ending