November 09, 2005

Today's Catch (I Get the Best Gifts, Part III)

So, today little Charlie came to my classroom door with this box. I knew what it was, but for safekeeping I took it to may car. Once there, I got out my camera so that I could show you.

Live fish, do you think? Nope...but something like a fish. More like a cricket. A cricket of the sea.

Yes indeed! As promised, Charlie and his grandpop's lobster trap came through for me. Two freshly caught, live critters, in a box, with water & ice, waving their antennae at me. I just hope they weren't caught in the East River (NYC).

Oooh, look at that. Look at those claws! The lobsters smell briny and don't seem too uncomfortable; I want them to have a good day, even though it isn't going to end well.

Check out the belly side. I know how to sex lobsters, but I can't tell on this picture. I know one of the ones I ate was a male, but I think it was the other one (males have two clasping legs at the beginning of the tail). Wait let me check the garbage...OK, this one I obliterated the tail too much to tell you what it was. Does it matter?

I didn't take any pictures during the cooking process. I was too busy wrestling the little guys into the stock pot. But look how nice they look when they are done!

Posing for a publicity shot.

Here is just a portion of my delicious lunch. Yum! I wish you could have been here. Would you like to have me ask Charlie to send you a present, too?

A+, Charles.


babyjewels said...

You are a complete grown up to be able to cook them. I always leave the room and then come back and gobble them up. Can you say hypocrite?

Lee Ann said...

dang! looks good!

mr_g said...

Cricket of the Sea...classic! I hope Jessica Simpson doesn't read your blog; she may get confused...

B.O.B.I. said...

Ha! Nice!
Personally, I don't like seafood, but that's cool that you got a treat like that!

Hey... my word ver has umlauts!! WTF!?
I don't know how to do umlauts!!!

Second try: wxaixdt


Calzone said...

MURDERER!!! Maybe tomorrow you can show the class how to skin a rabbit.

Monkey said...

Charles is a serious brown noser.

I can't eat lobster. The whole thing frightens me. And I live in Maine for crying out loud!

tuuna taco said...

Whenever I used to order them in restaurants (which as you may recall was like...every time we ate out) you used to look at me all gross and say they are the COCKROACHES of the sea. Now you're enjoying them?! ha!

I am jealous though, and can't believe you didn't invite me over to share!

tuuna taco said...

But, maybe you looked at me all gross because I ate them the way Daryl Hannah did in "Splash?" Just a thought.

jamwall said...

how dare you fondle my lobsters! i was gonna have sex with them first!

BadGod said...

I think you should have clamped them on your nipples.

Oh, c'mon, like no one else was thinking that!

FRITZ said...

Okay, SG. We now have issues. See, I love meat and every single method of eating it.
Except the lobsters. They sit in those tanks in the store, sad, bereft, banded like criminals, wallowing in filth until they are handchosen to be boiled ALIVE. BOILED.

Oh, it's too much to bear. I weep for your lunch. Boo hoo. Boooo Hooooo. Poor little guys (or girls).

Brookelina said...

I am a former chef. I sometimes have nightmares that when I die, all of the lobsters and soft shell crabs that I murdered will be there waiting to take me to hell.

How did I not know you are a teacher too? How have I not read all of your stuff? Clearly I have a lot of catching up to do.

LBseahag said...

whoah...i never realized they were actually alive at onetime...

i eat way too much Krab.