September 09, 2005

My Tag is Showing

I was tagged by TinaPoPo in … I think July … to do this fun thing! Since I blew my whole wad on the Titans post, I’ll fall back on something like this to entertain myself. Even so, I just can’t compartmentalize myself & I’ll have to put my own Spinn on it.

10 Years Ago: I was teaching high school and sharing a room with a woman who was in charge of the
Senior Homecoming Float. Hence I thought nothing of it when I saw a scrap of fabric lying in the middle of the floor.

After the students had gone, I picked it up and discovered,

Holy Schnike, this is underwear.

Holy Schnike, this is my underwear.

I had a pair of panties stuck inside my pants leg from a previous wearing, that had worked their way out onto the floor of my
classroom of sophomores. To this day I wonder at what point they were hanging, hermit-crab-like, half in/half out of my pants leg.

5 Years Ago: I jumped
off of this cliff and broke my ass. I had done several jumps/dives already from lower heights. On what turned out to be the last jump, I had climbed up about 35-40 feet, and I was scared, but a group of young Italian onlookers on the bridge high above started counting out loud. Not to back down from their Une… Due… Tre!, I took a deep breath and leapt from the cliff. It was the last time I felt good for an entire year … a year spent sitting on a rubber donut and wondering just how invasive that “realignment” procedure really might be?

1 Year Ago: I threw away something I shouldn’t have, that I needed later.

Yesterday: I learned that the gloriously verdant foliage around my
wounded mailbox

… is poison ivy.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

5 Songs I Belt Out Shamelessly in the Car:

--Hook (Blues Traveler)
--Breathe (Anna Nalick)
--Secret World (Peter Gabriel)
--Sloop John B. (Beach Boys)
--You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon)

5 Things I Would Do With $100 Million:
Give a cold 20 to each member of my family, including me.

5 Places It Would Be Fun To Run Away To:

5 Things I’d Probably Never Wear:
--A tube top (not to church, at least)
--My pain and shame on the outside for the world to see! Waahhhhh!!

--Sandals with just one big toe loop.
--A tongue, belly button, eyebrow, lip, or hoo-hoo ring
--Tweed or herringbone anything

5 Favorite TV Shows:
--Lord of the Rings
--Discover Magazine
--Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of Prey
--The Dark Tower

... Oh, I thought you said books.

--Well, in that case …
Brat Camp!

Biggest Joys:

--My comfy bed
--The distant, lonesome cry of a hawk on the wing
--My job
--My family
--The first day of summer

--Starring as one of Three Little Maids from School in The Mikado

--Eating apple pie

... Just 5? What a gip.

5 Favorite Toys:
--Kayak! (12.5-ft Necky Santa Cruz named “Unruly”)(since you asked)

--Coffee grinder!

5 People I’ve Tagged:

--Silly rabbit, them's my tricks, and mine alone!


Bobby said...

I can never do that tag. I have a horrible time placement ability. Christmas when i was four feels about as long ago as last month.

I have no idea what Iwas doing today, let alone 5 years ago.

I enjoyed yours though.

Bobby said...

never say never, huh smart a$$?

Love you, mean it.

HighMaintenanceHussy said... you enjoy eggs as a snack? Interesting.

Juliabohemian said...

what did you throw away?

BadGod said...

I wsa once had a booger hanging out of my nose for a whole day.

I knew it was there. I just din't care.

Hey! I am a poet!

Never had panties hanging out of my jeans, though. That would be kinda odd.

And yet, kinda hot.

John Bryson said...

I saw my teachers panties once....I just threw up a little in my mouth.

B.O.B.I. said...

Hahaha, the ol' unnerwears hangin' out the pants. I been there, except it was socks. Is that your floor? That's an interesting shade of green. As are the panties. What are they, Army-issue?

a spoon said...

ipod would deffo be one of my fave toys! i keep it with me all the time - even at work!

FRITZ said...

I'm looking at you ass-kance. How embarrASSing.

Justin said...

Great list, and I love the visuals you've put w/ 'em! Was that the real cliff? I'm guessing not, but still, gotta' ask!

LBseahag said...

This was highly entertaining!!!
i loved the hoo ha!!!! and the underwear story was tops...i love how you make us think!

Spinning Girl said...

Bobby, I insist. I worship you.

Heather, Hard boiled eggs! I don't suck them like Gollum or anything.

Dave, I knew you were naughty.

Julia, if I told you, then nobody would wonder anymore.

BadGod, you ROCK!

Hatter, I know all about THAT.

BOBI--no, the aliens gave me those. No, really, I tweaked the color to represent how mortified I felt. And isn't there some research you're supposed to be doing? GET BUSY.

Spoon, I know about THAT, too.

Fritz, c'mere and I'll give you a hug.

Justin, yes, that is the exact place. See how the cliffs are so cool? Don't they just beg for jumping off? That day was one of the best days of my life. That day was one of the worst days of my life.

Hag, thanks--this bag is full of tales, I've barely made a dent in the top of the pile.

James O'Connor said...
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Johnny Retail said...

I'm a little late to reply, but I loved this post. I've had shit tickets (toliet paper) hanging out of my pants a few times.

mr_g said...

Was that a lemon??

Sleep Goblin said...

It kinda looked like squash.

Spinning Girl said...

It is squaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhh

Cass said...

I also like hard boiled eggs as a snack. People think its weird. I think eating stuff that never perishes is weird. The panties in the pant leg sucks.

Harry Yak said...

this post blew me away...because one time in a class i was in i saw a pair of underware on the floor. maybe they were yours?

Spinning Girl said...

HY, Did you have that beard in HS because if so I totally remember you.

Harry Yak said...

i had the beard as an infant(i'll post a picture sometime.)...they didn't name me harry for nothing.

Monkey said...

I missed this because I was gone all weekend!

As always I love your take on everything gush gush gush. The underwear OUTSIDE the pants story is priceless. Priceless I tell you!

And how many of us have admired the foliage of the lovely but sinister poison ivy? More than admit it.

Cap'n Marrrrk said...

Everyone seems kinda focused on the underwear. Shame comes and shame goes, you just kind of say, "Ok-it happened. You wear underwear too."

The interesting part for me was the your cliff jump. See if I'd read that before this weekend, I wouldn't have any issues about impressing people by doing an obviously stupid thing.

I'm sorry that you broke your ass bone. I hope that 5 years later, everything is ok.

Kayaks are pretty cool. I don't understand the toe ring thing. On a side note: nor do I understand why the Mohawk has made a comeback

UberGoober said...

Um, about the undies....... Oh nevermind.

spanky629 said...

The underwear on the floor is just hilarious! Fabric softeners are kinda common, but that gave me a good laugh today, TY! That will a good one to tell the grandkids someday.

bricotrout said...

you said that you thought we were cut from the same cloth. are those panties the cloth youwerethinking of?
soooo, you kayak eh?
*takes out little book and places 1 tally mark under the name 'spinner'*

Weary Hag said...

Cracking up! I just read your comment (link) on Dave's blog so I figured what the hey and came over to see your list of stuff. Very cool meme! Well ... wait a minute, I don't care for memes, but very cool list you did... love it!