September 01, 2005

I'm Onto You,!

Since most of us have now succumbed to the heinous word-verification, I feel I can make a few observations that are common to the blogging crowd:

  1. The words are sometimes very hard to read; you mess up, and get prompted to try again. I can only imagine how many times I would have failed back before the magical world of AA (I did find out there seems to be no limit to the number of tries, as my experiment will momentarily demonstrate).
  2. Sometimes the letters make quasi-words.
  3. I have no life.

The three above observations are, I believe, without dispute. But has anyone noticed that the letters have become ever-increasingly word-like?

I decided to conduct a highly scientific double-blind (well, single-blind, in that I was sort of squinting as I did it) study.

Methods: I went back to one of my very old posts and commented at myself. My comments were insightful and varied; here are just a few examples:

  • aaa
  • d
  • tt
  • xcxcxc

Likewise, I entered incorrect word-verification codes such as "z", "zz" and sometimes even "zxz" into the word-ver box, hitting "login and publish", and then re-entering at will, noting each new letter combination on my notepad.

In between, I had some string cheese and a Fresca.

Did I mention I'm not working tomorrow?

Results and Discussion: 40% of the time, I received a letter combination that was strikingly wordlike. The other 60% were the usual illegible qzzxcqxzcx-type combos. Here are the words I received:

  • beev wupt (beav-whupped?)
  • aydudi (Menuhin?)
  • nilbo (naggins?)
  • firnpoun (i think that's a fish)
  • srobs (sobs, but with drooling)
  • kumwaws (a small citrus fruit)
  • zbits (boys have 'em)
  • bushi (self-explanatory)
  • mrfxi (Mr. Foxi? Hells yeah, you are!)(Mr. Fixit? Hells yeah, you did!)
  • senyhug (something affectionate)
  • wilbdog (is that badgod's evil twin?)
  • popgwz (the weasel)

It goes on and on; try it yourself and see! Keep misfiring until you get a word-like combo, and it will be very wordlike when it does come up. I kept hitting the key, like a hamster at the cocaine pellet dispenser, trying to get to to say pwned, but it never did.

Conclusion: I think Customer Satisfaction is reading our comments and noticing all the complaining about the illegible letter-combos; they've rigged it so that every other combo or so is word-like enough to remember as you type it in. This way, even the most feeble-minded, lazy-fingered, or substance-enhanced bloggers among us can still visit each other and yank each other's chains.

Either that, or they know we just need a starter for all our beautful online poetry:

The way the munlyyd shines in your eyes...

Try it out, and then tell me I'm right.

Disclaimer: Failure to mention Katrina does not signify lack of caring on the part of this blogger.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

What's with all the goofy words?

Eric said...

Beev Wupt indeed!!


know what i have to type in now, to post THIS VERY COMMENT?

No, nothing that makes any sense, but something incredibly long:


Eric said...

Hold on.. it could be a drive-by malfunction... the dreaded

AK Clip Jamm

B.O.B.I. said...

Well, I dunno about you, but I took my damn time and got some fuggin' results!

(warning: big pic)

Bobby said...

My ability to use word verification successfully depends on how much coffee I have had.

Anamika Anyone said...

Nilbo Naggins!!!
Hey,curious profile pic,you've got lots of hair..

musie said...

I cant seem to ever get it typed right the first time, so hey always seem to "Dumb" it down the second time. By the time I get to the third one wrong, I just have my three yr old type it. lets see:
etrpl....isnt that like the CIA type organization in Great Britian?

aughra said...

I had 'doeoj' once. It's Deer Juice.

Thanks for coming by BNB - thrilled to see we have some favorite authors in common.

Heather said...

Okay I got cdcckgzz.. tell wise one.. what does that mean?

And when I typed it in wrong.. I got spulr

And the third time of course being the charm... jfdsrcn

Anonymous said...

Filthy gum? On the street? Hm.
Maybe you're on to something.

Spinning Girl said...

Great words--am I right or am I right? But some of you are just giving up too easily. If the first word is too consonant-heavy, hit "login and publish" repeatedly until you get a word. As musie says, once the machin thinks you're f-in STUPID, it'll get dumbed-down for ya.
Or you could hit it over & over & over til it finally says the word you REALLY want, as his royal highness king pwned has demonstrated. OK, gotta go--I'm heading over to the scene of chaos and I have an AK clip jam I need to fix before I head out.

JJ said...

I can spend all day with these stupid word verification puzzles instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing: posting.

viwmizvx - wtf?

Used Hack said...

I agree.

Mine says "ulimbp" for this comment, which somehow makes me think of severed limbs or people limping. Both very funny at the moment. :)

platkat said...


If... yep, fuzz!

Gossip Queen said...

I know what you mean.. LOL cool blog

Gossip Queen said...

and I got my word lOLtjiysa

Danius Maximus said...

the great and powerful hukmgna, god of the creechshlk tribe says you obviously have more than enough time on your hands. time that could be better spent worshiping his all powerful powerfulness!

Spinning Girl said...

OK I was just commenting elsewhere and the word-ver was "neowig". Are they serious?!?!?

robmcj said...

Spinning Girl, thanks for your kind words about my kilt. One suggestion - if you're ever in Scotland, don't refer to the kilt as a skirt, unless you want to start a bloodbath.

Congratulations on your 10000. You get a lot of comments. I've yet to make 1000, but I've had no spam comments to help me.

I usually enjoy wordplay, but I haven't a clue what you guys are on about. I'm guessing word verification might be some kind of spell checker. Scots schoolkids have spelling beaten into them from an early age, so they never use spell-checking.

For your pin-map, I'm at The UnHeard Of & McDonald Islands. It's in the Pacific, just a few inches left of Australia. Thanks. Enjoy your weekend.

Oops! Now I understand word verification.

jimmmer said...

Very clever.

My verification: gsuvww (goose view?)

HighMaintenanceHussy said...

ok...i thought i was the only one who kept screwing up the word verification because it was hard to read. whew.

BadGod said...

Fuck, I am glad you did that type of post. Now I can delete that one of mine off my WordPad. Thank you.

ohrakul--Oh Ra Kul!!!!

Madge said...

firnpoun. that sounds like a new twist on an old favorite: poon tang.

too much to think much.

BeckEye said...

I had bumwiff once as a word verification. That was on Bad God's blog. I STILL laugh about that.

Ah, the word for this post is qzdrrwlr. Not very exciting.

Antonio Hicks said...

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