September 25, 2005

I Have Mistakenly Ingested a Hallucinogen!

Today, I saw a Hummer commercial that is so bad, it could only have been drug-induced.

It starts with a godzilla-like thing rampaging through a city, and a monster robot thingy doing its own hellraising across town.

Cut to the two of them meeting up.

Then, they appear to sort of...fall in love or something.

Next scene has ... I can't even say this ... a pregnant godzilla thing, huge bulging belly and all, walking with the robot thing, who has obviously, ummm, put the screws to her at some point. Thank goodness the editors cut the copulation scene out at least.

Final scene, they cradle a red
HumVee in their arms and then set it loose on the road.

Please, someone tell me I dreamed this.

But no, I went to
Hummer Central and looked under TV Commercials; the proof is there.

I can't believe some person made money, probably more money than I make, turning this demented brainchild into actual airwave pablum.

It's disturbing, at best. But it does succeed in making me remember Hummer, Inc. Even if I never want to buy one, isn't that the point?


Juliabohemian said...

My five year old LOVES Godzilla, and Mecha-Godzilla, and Gidra and Mothra and Gamera. My husband understands Japanese, so he gets these BAD Japanese monster movies and they watch them together.

Kris said...

Are you sure this wasn't a Mentos commercial?

luke the good said...

I personally liked this commercial. I thought it was clever and very nicely put together. If you knew anything about advertising (no offense) you would know the most important thing is getting people to remember the ad. Good, bad, or ugly - it obviously worked on you.

babyjewels said...

That commercial is one more reason this site exists.

Plus I really really don't like premarital monster sex. It's just wrong.

Bobby said...

I remember seeing the commercial, I was drunk at the time, and I turned to the other people in the room to make sure I had really just seen what was on the television.

The ironic thing, I didn't remember what the ad was for until your post, so the ad didn't really work with me, heh.

Monkey said...

Ewwww!! It was the labor pain yell that traumatized me.

Luke the Good is right though. I won't forget this for awhile. I may very well be ill though.

tiqfch: Ticklish iguanas quickly find cheerios hiding

Doublebogie said...

Advertizing can be so moving!
Baby J. Loved that "site"

LBseahag said...

I am too broke to afford a hummer and medication for the nightmares after seeing this...

how come they don't offer an employee discount like Saturn?

Harry Yak said...

could be worse could have been a monster or robot or a monster and a robot screwing a yak! ishy!

and i won't even begin to describe the horror of anything envolving calzone.

FRITZ said...

I HATE THAT COMPANY! You may have just spawned a new post for me.

Here is a company that thrives on marketing to the rich. The rich like Nero, who become so selfishly impressed with material bull like hummers they don't care if they're hurting the environment.

What's with Hummer coming out with the smaller model? Oh, is that because the bigger one is just a waste of plastic and gas? Did Hummer get the message their product is ridiculously catering to the wealthy and hurting the rest of the world?

Hummer is as arcane as this ad. It is as obtuse. It is as degrading and condescending to Americans as this ad. I am so angry right now I could spit at a hummer.

Mad Ethel said...

Yeah, when I saw it I just sat there on my couch, mouth agape. I didn't know what to think. It's kind of like looking at a corpse; you're completely disgusted and intrigued at the same time.