September 30, 2005

The Best Joke Ever

One of my teacher friends, Annette, was in charge of collecting old clothing for South American hurricane relief back in 1999. I gave her a bagful, insisting that no kids know they were my clothes; I just had a thing about kids knowing those ugly things in the bag were mine.

In the bag were a pair of coral polka-dot PJ's and a pair of kelly green & white checkered shorts. I am still not clear as to why I owned these items.

3 months later, on my birthday, a mysterious package appeared at my birthday party.

I opened it to discover that Annette had given me my own ugly pants back as a present! How sweet.

I proceeded to turn the pants into a gigantic pillow, with my sister's help. Here it is:

I got my boss -- the principal of the school and the best practical joker ever -- to play along. In the pocket of the shorts-pillow, I put a note that said "gotcha!" After placing the pillow in a huge box, I wrapped it in beautiful glossy green paper with a giant white bow (our school colors). I wrote a letter of "thanks" from the children of Honduras to Annette, expressing gratitude for all of her efforts in the charity.

The principal read the letter aloud at a faculty meeting and presented her with the gift -- in front of 200 other teachers and staff.

The best moment was when she pulled the monstrosity out of the box. The whole audience just kind of stared at it, unblinking. I am sure every single person was silently thinking, "what in the hell?!?!?" Then she yelled my name aloud and everyone applauded with laughter.

She did get me back.

A year later, there was a high school art show at the local museum. Kids kept going past me saying, "Hey, Miss G, nice pillow!" When I got to the Teacher Art Exhibit table, there it was, proudly displayed under glass with a placard that read, Pantaloons Revisited by S. Girl.

To this day, Annette has the Pants Pillow in her classroom and it's a favorite for her students.

I love a good joke!!!


babyjewels said...

That was fantastic. I haven't pulled off too many practical jokes, but I feel inspired to share one myself. Maybe later, for now I must start my day. Hope yours is great!

Sleep Goblin said...

That's awesome!

UberGoober said...

I rest my head against the pillow and sigh.......

ticharu said...

Much better as a pillow than as pants, although, it would make a swell hat!

BadGod said...

Sometimes I hump my pillow.

It never has a headache, it is always there for me, it never asks for anything and it loves me.

It loves me!

I am crying out for help.

pecir -----That's a cry for help, I think.

Heather said...

my sister and I used to pull pranks on each other all the time... like the time I put caramel magic shell in her armpits... oh good times... good times.

LBseahag said...

That is hilarious!!!!
Too bad they were shorts...if they were pants, you might've had just enough for a quilt to match!

Julie said...

Awesome. The children of Honduras thank you both for not sending either of those items on to them...

geezer squeezer! said...

hah! brilliant! i love the word 'pantaloons',i use it frequently.

my daughter told me this joke and i had to larf(im easily amused)...
q.why did the toilet roll,roll down the hill?
a.because it wanted to get to the bottom.....(groan)

Cap'n Marrrrk said...


Good one Miss S.

You gotta kidnap the pillow now and send it on a world tour. There are plenty of people here who will help.

Juliabohemian said...

that is a lot of effort for a practical joke.

sage said...

great joke and storytelling, I like the way the story builds--as the PJs are transformed!

Ben O. said...

Transformations are wonderful - from pjs to pillow - sort of like a deranged caterpillar turning into a butterfly on fire.

Love it - Ben O.

Harry Yak said...

it blows my mind, it seems everything you touch turns to art. even your clothes/pillow ends up in a musem.

you're like picasso.

Weary Hag said...

Okay finally made it over here too! Phew - bumpy ride.
Thanks for visiting me and leaving a neat comment. Muchly appreciated.

I totally love this story. One of my sisters and I have been passing back and forth a little snoopy colorform for about 30 years now. Long story, and not half as exciting as yours, but just sayin. I love the concept!

Off to read more.