August 26, 2005

I Got a New Job

My new job starts today!!!


JJ said...

Moving to London, are you?

art said...


Shannon said...

How do I apply for this job!?

Used Hack said...

Isn't there some cliche' that says "don't shit where you eat?"

UberGoober said...

HOT, is that like a Barbarella Outfit?

And does said job bring you and DOMO closer to me?

Security word.... *ojoebj*

HUH HUH bj......

Bobby said...

I knew someone was going to beat me to this when I saw it.

At least it was you.

Give me a call if any of your co-workers get fired. (I can't imagine what would get a person fired from that job....)

Heather said...

Yay!! congrats chica :)


Monkey said...

Wow! The London Zoo. I hear if you're going to be incarcerated, that's the way to go.


Robust quail gather korma always.

Danius Maximus said...

nice, can you get me in there? if you're really lucky I'll bring bobi too

g_samsa said...

Hey, thats cool. I would love to see humans in the zoos. we could feed them beer and pizza so as not to stray from their natural habits. Little kids would taunt them with porn, snatching it away at the last moment when the homo sapiens reach for it though the bars. The kids would giggle as the homo sapiens jump around, angrily lunging at the fence separating them from their porn. :-)

ticharu said...

I wanna job as the hula hoop!

Anonymous said...

Zoos are so... full of animals.

Caryn said...

What an interesting career choice! If you're into writing, maybe you should take some notes and write a book about it. You know, have a character whose job that is. Would certainly be original!

B.O.B.I. said...

::books the next flight to London:
::orders Zoo tickets online::
::packs peanuts and Juice Boxes with which to tempt the elusive Spinning Girl closer::
::almost forgets tranq darts::
::smacks head::


B.O.B.I. said...

OMG I just noticed... in that picture, there's one man and four women.
::orders ticket to London zoo::
::swims across Atlantic::
::shoves anonymous Zooman into pond::
::stretches out on the rocks::


josh williams said...

I'm going to start a Sea Monkey Zoo, devoted to the the Sea Monkey. I'm going to call it "The Sea Monkey Zoo".

Carly said...

are you damn serious? this is too funny